Returning from the recently concluded pre-season camp today evening in Kolkata, Mohun Bagan coach sounded elated. “It has been a successful camp, primarily so, as it was an injury free camp. Football is infamously well-known as a body contact game and the chances of injury are relatively high. Not only can it happen in the matches, also, it can happen in the practice sessions. I am glad that our players didn’t get injured.”

Stanly adds, “Also, boys benefited from the other aspects of the game – team building comes next. Apart from gymming, swimming, and practicing together, we all ate and stayed together 24 x 7. Players bonded well,  we’ve developed a great camaraderie, and we came out as a happy lot. This will definitely help us for the rest of the season!”

“Not to forget that we had few presentation sessions, where we stressed on motivational, technical, and psychological aspects of the game.”

Asked about the host of newcomers getting integrated with the senior players of the team. Stanley said, “Several talented newcomers have joined Bagan across the country. Not only have we had players like Barreto and Chidi, who easily qualifies as a role model. Also, we have several senior players like captain Ishfaq, Sangram, and Snehasish. So, sharing space with them itself gives motivation. The new boys looked up to their seniors on the field as well as off the field.”

Being asked about how the new players breaking into the team. Stanley replies, “We have to play 50 matches in a season. I’m talking about minimum number of matches – 16 in KPL, 26 in I-league, plus Federation Cup, Durand Cup, IFA Shield, et al. No way that a single player can play that many matches,” pauses coach.

“There will be time when the players will be unavailable thru off-form and other matters, leaving aside the other important aspect, which is injury. So, every one will get a chance to show their mettle. Then, it is up to them to perform and rise in the big occasion.”

Net-net, a successful pre-season camp, with some good display in the practice matches. So, now all eyes set for next Wednesday, September 1, when Bagan takes on Tollygunge Agragami in season’s first encounter at the Sahara CFL 2010 premier division.
Meanwhile,Edeh Chiddi started his fitness training at the racecourse ground recovering from fever. He told that he is enough fit to play for his team.

Go for it, Mohun Bagan!

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