Mohun Bagan regains some glory after a convincing win against the Kolkata based outfit East Bengal as Yusa scored in the 82nd minute. Bagan missed at least 7 opportunities – of which two really needed some work to get missed. Shilton Paul on other hand saved at least 4 goals and Bagan was lucky that an opponent attempt hit the wood works.

Mohun Bagan started on attack right from the word GO and  could have taken early lead – however the strikers faultered – and Bagan failed to score at least 4 goals in the first half. KEB was unlucky as well when on of their atempts hit the post.

In the second half KEB tried to come back an there were four situations where they faild to get past Shilton. Mohun Bagan wasted two opportunities as well.

Odafa had a muscle pull in the middle of the second half and was replaced by Katsumi yusa. who struck with a left-footer to the far post late in the 83rd minute to get a late lead for Mohun Bagan. both the teams got one chance each for the remaining minutes but the score line remained 1-0.

Mohun Bagan ended three points behind KEB – the price they paid for wasting points against three teams in te League match.


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