Mohun Bagan moves to the final of the 129th edition of the prestigious Durand Cup as they win against Real Kashmir FC by 3-1.


Mohun Bagan will now play against Gokulam Kerala on 24th August 2019 at 6-30 PM IST.


Mohun Bagan, struggling on the defence, had a compact defense with Gurjinder, Morante, Kima and Ashutosh.


Ashutosh was shown the bench aftet his poor game against Calcutta Customs. He wanted to prove his worth and played really well.


Morante saved a goal today that was instrumental for Bagan’s victory.

Kima , who got a marching order in a previous game was much more careful today.

Gurjinder got the prestigious arm band, and would give Dhanachandra a tough fight for the position of left back.


But on an even day Dhana would be a preference for his attacking ability, and this is where Gurjinder will have to improve. His final passes are quite timid excepting at the 42nd minute when Salva scored a goal from a lose crossing from Gurjindet and a dummy by Morante .


However to every body’s surprise Bagan started with Shankar Roy in lieu of Debjit Majumder. The decision of pytting Debjit in the game would have been very very costly!


The only contribution Shankar had was conceding the goal at the dying moment of the regular time that led to two beautiful goals from Suhair in the extra time.


Suhair did not see himself in the playing XI and later replaced Jesuraj.  However , coach can consider Subha at the playing XI instead, and Suhair coming later.

Salva  scored the first goal in the 42nd minute. However he needs a good assistance who can take the focus out from the opponent defense.


Naorem and Sahil did well innthe midfield but it was Beitia who operated well. However Beitia is becoming slow after 70 minutes in each game.

One who was outstanding was Surabuddin , however he needs to finish. Firoze and Surabuddin’s cometition for playing XI will be healthy.


But are we there yet ? Without Debjit, Coach Vicuna is playing a gamble. Stop that Sir, Debbjit in bench with likes of Shilton and Shankar in the fields are gambles Bagan does not need to play.