Whenever Mohun Bagan started their football season in the recent past , there was a sense of untold panic among the fans on how would the team perform in the field , and whether they will be able to bring some amount of happiness to the fans who despite of losses , failures make their way to the stadium to see their favorite team playing well and mauling the opponents. Although the players looked quite inexperienced today in their first match , it has to be remembered that is the first match the campaign , and one hopes that after the arrival of the rest of the foreigners the team will definitely pick up their form and the foreigners, too , will play their role that they are expected to . Today’s win is therefore very significant as it has finally brought some amount of happiness to the fans . A few 4-5 thousand supporters , who made their way at Vivekananda Yubhabharati Krirangan in the hope of seeing Mohun Bagan going past Tollygunje Agragrami , may not be definitely happy with the performance but will be definitely relieved to see Mohun Bagan securing three vital points in the first match itself.

Let’s hope that with the inclusion of the new jersey this season, the team will also exhibit a great performance not only the Calcutta Football League Matches but in the rest of the season. Good Luck Team Mohun Bagan !