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The new committee of Green and Maroon is as follows:

President :
Partho roy (9903109027)

Vice President :
Arkaprabha Ghosh (9231595296)

Sanmit Sarkar (9836593950)

Asst. Secretary:
Sourav Roychowdhury (9339261862)
Sandipan Gupta (9830082686)

Saumitra Chatterjee (9830005229)

Other committee members:
Shubhashis ghosh (9830401409)
Arindam Banerjee (9830957641)
Hitabrata nanda (9836868920)
Shruti Basu


274 Diamond Harbour Road
Kolkata 700034

6th October: Puja Gifts the Club Grounds Staff

As we all know that the gardeners of our beloved club
MOHUNBAGAN acted a great role to maintain the club’s
football ground and the club premises. How can we
forget them on the eve of the DURGA PUJA? So GREEN AND
MAROON has arranged a programme to present some puja
gifts to these gardeners on 6th October morning. New
garments have been gifted to them and we have
felicitated them with scurf of our fan club also.

3rd October - Felicitation of Olympian Kesto Paul

On the day when all the citizens of India is celebrating the birthday of nation’s father, MAHATMA GANDHI, GREEN AND MAROON has celebrated this day by providing felicitation to Mr. KRISHNA CHANDRA PAUL, popularly known as KESTO PAUL, an ex-footballer of our beloved club MOHUNBAGAN.What to say about this great footballer??? He was born in the year 1931.He started to play from “YUGER PROTIK” club and then came to Kolkata maidan in the year 1950 holding the hand of referee Mr.Bijali Banerjee.He then joined Sporting Union in the year 1950 and scored 8 goals in five matches for Sporting Union. Then he joined Bhawanipur club and helped the club to take second position in the Calcutta League in 1952.He was the top scorer of Calcutta League with 14 goals in this year. Dhiren Dey brought him to MOHUNBAGAN in the year 1954 and then he served MOHUNBAGAN as a tireless worker upto the year 1959. He had played a great role for MOHUNBAGAN’s Calcutta League win in the year 1954 and scored 9 goals in the league. He also helped MOHUNBAGAN to get the first Rover’s cup in the year 1955.1956 was a golden year for KESTO PAUL. In this year, he went as a member of MOHUNBAGAN football team to Hong Kong and Indonesia tour under the captaincy of SAILEN MANNA and scored lots of goals for our club against the foreign clubs. He scored a number of hattricks during this tour. He was also the member of National Football team of 1956 Melbourne Olympic. In the year MOHUNBAGAN won IFA SHIELD and in the final Mr.KESTO PAUL scored a hattrick against Aryans. He also went to Burma tour as the member of IFA XI in 1957 October and scored five goals in two matches with one hattrick. He also scored goals against East Bengal and Mohamedan Sporting. He scored a lot of goals through head, and for this reason he was known as “MOHUNBAGAN”S FOREHEAD”. He refused the blank cheque from Bagha Shome of Rail and J.C.Guha of East Bengal. Now he is suffering from Alzheimer disease.
What he has provided MOHUNBAGAN as a footballer can’t be measured in terms of money, but it was our responsibility to pay respect to this great footballer. We have felicitated him with a bouquet of flowers, a shawl, sweets, a cheque of Rs. 5000/ and also given him the honorary membership of our fan club. We feel proud that we have got the chance to felicitate a footballer like him.

Report : Partha Roy, Green & Maroon


MOHUNBAGAN supporters gathered at the Mohun Bagan ground with a huge flag to cheer the team which leaves for the Fed cup. It was  also the birthday of our very own Jose Ramirez Barreto or simply "JISU DA" and the Indian national team defender  SANJIB MARIA.
The birthday was celebrated after the practice. We gifted BARRETO  with a birthday card, a boat-shaped flower bouquet, a beer glass carrying the image of BARRETO on it and a birthday cake. MARIA was also gifted with a birthday card; a boat shaped flower bouquet and a birthday cake. Both of them have been presented with the scurf of this organization.
Another flower bouquet and a card was also handled to BARRETO as a best of  luck wish for the MOHUNBAGAN team for the upcoming FEDERATION CUP tournament. All players including the support staff were present and were presented with a rose as a token of our gratitude and wish for the FED cup!!

It was marked by huge response from the supporters, officials and the players. The media coverage was also overwhelming.  We thank the media and the members of GREEN AND MAROON for making this programme such a big hit!!

report:sanmit sarkar, sanidpan gupta
photos: partha roy


This is day for which every football fan of West Bengal waits, right you are- the big match between MOHUNBAGN and EAST BENGAL, the two big football clubs of Kolkata. And how GREEN AND MAROON can remain silent on that day??? So the members of GREEN AND MAROON were present on that day at YUBABHARATI KRINANGAN to support our beloved club MOHUNBAGAN with our jersey scurf band and a huge flag of Green and maroon. Rain couldn't mar the attendance of GREEN AND MAROON members. The match started with high speed and so were the
slogans being heard in a louder voice. Firecrackers set the spirit from the very beginning. The historic victory was witnesses by GREEN AND MAROON members as it just shows a new beginning with a lot of promise. However the end of the match was marked by some unwanted event. The team players were inside the team bus while a few uncultured supporters of rival team spilited on the team bus and slangs were also thrown. GREEN AND MAROON protested on spot and the complains to police went in vain. Even slangs were used in front of female members of G&M. how ever the police was nothing more than a mere spectator. So GREEN AND MAROON felt it was their own responsibility to take things onto their stride and the escorted the bus from the VIP gate to chingihata crossing. WE SALUTE THE SPIRIT OF GREEN AND MAROON.

report : sanmit sarkar, sandipan gupta

16th Aug: SUMAN's B-DAY  

The day before the derby match on 17th August, members of GREEN AND MAROON were present at MOHUN BAGAN tent to celebrate the birthday of the promising young star, Suman Dutta. A birthday cake,a birthday card and a small gift were given to Suman by the members of GREEN AND MAROON. The members of GREEN AND MAROON also wished the team best of luck for the derby match.
pics: partha roy

report: sanmit sarkar, sandipan gupta

AUGUST 15, 2007

We all know the importance of 15th August, our independence day and every year we, the citizens of India celebrate this special day but this year the 15th August morning appeared with a new form and colour for the MOHUNBAGAN supporters because on that day the members of GREEN AND MAROON- a group of MOHUNBAGAN supporters organized a series of events.

A brief overview of history shows that the birth of Mohun Bagan club on 15th august 1889 was not only organizing a football club but a step forward towards promoting a patriotic feeling, an awakening spirit in Bengali hearts. Mohun Bagan is not only a club, it is a national institution, the only club to be entitled National Club of India. The pioneer of Mohun Bagan Sporting Club, as it was named, was the then eminent lawyer Bhupendranath Basu, who later on became the president of Indian National Congress. The Basu family, the Mitra family, and the Sen family bestowed equal efforts towards the foundation of the club. The first meeting of the club presided by Basu himself, was held at his residence at 14, Balaram Ghosh Street of North Kolkata .The Secretary was Jatindranath Basu. That historical day witnessed the presence of many distinguished persons who were involved in many social reforms. Among them were -

1.Bhupendra Nath Basu
2.Jyotindra Nath Basu
3.Maharaja Durga Charan Laha (Maharaja of Shyampukur)
4.Maharaja Rajendra Bhup Bahadur (Maharaja of Coochbehar)
5.Monilal Sen
6.Jyotindra Nath Mitra
7.Sir Bhupendra Nath Mitra
8.C.C Dutta (I.C.S)
9.Ram Goswami
10.Hem Nath Sen (better known as Fonbabu)
11.Girin Basu
12.Roybahadur Chunilal Basu
13.Upen Ghosh
14.Manomohan Pandey
15.Dr.Manindra Nath Basu
16.C.K Sarkar (Architect)
17.Pramatha Nath Chattopadhyay
18.Sir Brajendralal Mitra
19.Satish Chandra Mitra
20.Susheel Chandra Mitra
21.Sarat Chandra Mitra
22.Sir Nripendra Nath Sarkar
23.Sir Prabhash Mitra
24.Dr.Ganendra Nath Mitra
25.Prafulla Basu
26.Prabhash Basu
27.Hriday Krishna Ghosh
28.Sir Rajendra Nath Mukhopadhyay
29.Major S.K Ghosh (I.C.S)

The first ground of the Club was inside the famous marble palace, owned by Kirti Mitra of the Mitra family, known as Mohun Bagan Villa. It was situated at Fariapukur street of north Kolkata. But as a football ground this was not sufficiently large. It is believed that Mohun Bagan played the first match on this very ground against the students of Eden Hindu hostel.

In 1891, with the help of the Maharaja of Shyampukur, Durga Charan Laha, club ground was relocated to his ground at Shyampukur. That place is now known as Shyampukur Laha Colony.

Later, with the help of Mr. Harry Lee, the chairman of Kolkata Corporation, the ground was again shifted to Shyam Square. The ground was shared with the Aryans Club and Bagbazar Club.

The six marble plaques related to the history and origin of the National club of India, previously established by the Sutanati Parishad around the Shyambajar and Shyampukur area of north Calcutta have been renovated by the organization - GREEN AND MAROON. These are located in front of Basu house, the Laha colony ground, Shyam square in front of Sen's house, in front of house of Sibdas Bhaduri, in front of Mitra Villa, and in Mohun Bagan row. The ex-footballers of the club Mr.Pranab Ganguly and Mr.Shyamal Banerjee and Mr.Gitanath Ganguly, the renowned lawyer of Calcutta High court and Mr. Debkumar Chottopadhyay, executive committee member of Mohun Bagan club were present on the auspicious occasion. All the six plaques were decorated with flowers and colored with Green and Maroon colors. There was a horse driven pheaton in which the guests travelled. The programme started in front of BASU's house where the slab was inaugurated by the respected guests with huge cheers of supporters and photographs taken by media persons. Then the procession moved to Laha Colony Field, MOHUNBAGAN's second play ground. In front of that procession all the members of GREEN AND MAROON were present wearing the green and maroon t-shirts, holding the scurf of this organization. There the plaque was inaugurated and then our national flag was hoisted by Mr.Gitanath Ganguly and the national anthem was sung. Then proper respect was paid to the 1911 IFA Shield winning team and 1947 IFA Shield winning team by garlanding the enframed pictures of these two teams. After that all the guests were felicitated by offering bouquet of flowers and also with the scurf of GREEN AND MAROON. Then some speech regarding MOHUNBAGAN Club history and also how the club is interlinked with Indian freedom fight were delivered by Mr.Gitanath Ganguly, Mr.Pranab Ganguly, Mr.Debkumar Chattopadhyay and Mr.Shyamal bannerjee respectively and they pointed out the position of Mohun Bagan club in Indian football history. Mr. Partha Roy,the president of GREEN AND MAROON in his speech thanked the guests and promised to carry such event in future and that this organization will try to reach to common masses with the rich history of Mohun Bagan. Then the procession moved to Sen's house where the plaque in front of Sen's house was inaugurated. Members of Sen's family joined the programme and they were very delighted and gave speech.

The next destination was Kalachand Sanyal Lane, in front of Shibdas Bhaduri's house where the plaque was also inaugurated by granddaughter of the late footballer who felt honored and she gave speech. Then the procession moved to Mitra Villa where Saurav Mitra, heir to this famous family greeted the guests and there also proper respect was shown. The last and final destination was MOHUNBAGAN row, the place of first playground of MOHUNBAGAN. Here also the plaque was inaugurated by the respected guests. The programme ended here.

Lastly, this 15th August morning the total Shyambajar area was flooded with Green and Maroon colour and all the local people also joined and enjoyed the moments with the members of GREEN AND MAROON.



(Photos courtesy www.MohunBaganClub.Com)


Green and Maroon Fan Club felicitated Roberto Carlos and Satyajit Chatterjee on the first day of joining practice of coach Carlos.







Green and Maroon is a non-profit organisation formed by the members and supporters of Mohun Bagan. The objective of this body is to harness and energise the genuine love and affection of Mohun Bagan supporters the world over. This organisation has been created with the view of extending our co-operation to the club in every respect, as and when necessary.

Considering the global scenario of football at present, the need for a resourceful and robust infrastructure can no longer be ignored. It is the infrastructure which is largely instrumental in deciding the performance of current football clubs - both in India and abroad. We strongly feel that the infrastructure in our club is commensurate with an amateur set up and needs real improvement on an urgent basis. We directly want to address this issue and have got some long term plans for the sake of our club. We sincerely believe that our club will agree to accept our humble contribution towards its welfare.

As followers of the most popular game in the world, we naturally took interest in analysing the existing culture and set up of the most popular football clubs of the world like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona etc. We are really amazed to witness the importance of the fan clubs of almost all the premier football clubs of the world. Instead of existing as a dormant community of supporters they really play significant roles towards the welfare of their respective clubs. All of the fan clubs are well equipped in every respect and have extended their co-operation against all odds to protect the glory and tradition of their beloved clubs. This has not only helped their clubs to survive with flying colours but also prevented absolute autocracy and mismanagement of some club officials who are always answerable to a strong community of sensible supporters.

How long can the National Club of India be out of this global movement? 'Green and Maroon - A group of Mohun Bagan supporters' is the result of such a movement which was originally envisaged by a few like mined individuals in and around Kolkata, and is now emerging as the largest fan base of Mohun Bagan. We are addressing the educated, cultured, sensible 'Mohun Baganis' with a view of uniting them on a common platform. We have already become successful in involving NRIs from Australia, Europe, and America as well as a large number of local fans.


We are Govt. registered society with an office at 33/23, Gariahat Road , Kolkata - 700 029. This is our temporary office and we are planning to shift to our permanent office shortly.

We have our zonal offices at Delhi, Bangalore, Pune , Australia, Belgium, Boston and Bloomington ( US ) apart from the local offices in Kolkata and its suburbs.

Our various activities as carried out from time to time are managed by the following portfolios :

                                - President
                                - General Secretary
                                - Treasurer
                                - Secretary ( Event )
                                - Secretary ( Media )
                                - Secretary ( Administration )
                                - Secretary ( Member )
                                - Secretary ( Zone , WB)
                                - Secretary ( Zone, National )
                                - Secretary ( Zone, International )
The above are ably assisted by an efficient group of zonal representatives at the various zonal offices.

We are running the one and only unofficial website of Mohun Bagan - www.mohunbaganclub.com. We have a mail group through which we can exchange our ideas with various fans and members located throughout the globe. We are looking forward to launch a separate website of our society through which all the net savvy supporters can get information of our various activities.

We have our own bank account through which we can carry on transactions with the members outside Kolkata - both in India and abroad. Moreover we have tied up with some eminent courier services for dispatching our deliverables to the members located far and near from time to time.


Being a registered body, our entire set of activities is restricted by some predefined norms. We cannot engage ourselves in any sort of activities which are not related to the welfare of Mohun Bagan and its associates. We can stand by our club in the following areas:

- Creating a Multi gymnasium in club premises.
- Improving the ground condition and renovate it thoroughly.
- Strengthen the infrastructure of the academy in Durgapur.
- Providing supporting sponsor to the club.
- Utilizing our global infrastructure to help our club in recruiting quality foreign players.
- Helping in merchandising the products related to Mohun Bagan ( the jersey, cap, hair band, CD, cassettes etc. ) which may fetch a huge revenue to our club.
- Providing supports like medical facility, education etc. to the staffs and their families who are otherwise largely deprived.
- Providing financial assistance to our ex players who are presently passing through a state of utter bankrupcy.
- Taking necessary steps for creating general awareness involving masses regarding the issues that demand mass movement on part of the Mohun Bagan supporters.
- In any activity which augments the infrastructure of Mohun Bagan.

Green and Maroon, A Group of Mohun Bagan Supporters
274 Diamond Harbour Road
Kolkata 700034

Email - info@mohunbaganclub.com

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