History of Mohun Bagan – Presented by MohunBaganClub.com

Door Opens for Foreigners  – 1990 to 1999

In 1990, Club lost the man who protected Mohun Bagan like his son for over half of the century. Dhiren Dey passed away. In the same year, club opens it’s door for the foreigners for the first time in it’s 100 year history. Okori Cheema, the giant Nigerian Striker played the first match wearing the maroon and green jersey at the first match of CFL. Club won the CFL this year under the captainship of Satyajit Chatterjee, another legend, who never change the club for his sheer passion on Mohun Bagan . In 1991 was a good year for the club.Mohun Bagan shows good performance as mariners won Rovers Cup, Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup and All Airlines Gold Cup for the first time. All Airlines Gold Cup was marked as the unlucey tournament for Bagan before. But winning this trophy in 91, Mohun Bagan proved that wrong. In 1992, Was a good year too like the previous year, as this year, the club won CFL,Federation Cup, Rovers Cup and Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup. Achintya Belel, the true follower of great Subrata Bhattacharya was the captain for this glorious year.

In 1993, Club became the Champion of India by winning Federation Cup Again. This year, team also lifted the All Airlines Gold Cup for the second time.

In 1994, Club won Calcutta Football League, Durand Cup, Federation Cup and Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup . This year a Mohun Bagan set a record by winning the Championship of India – Federation Cup tournament for the 3rd time in three consecutive years.

In 1995 was not a good year for the team, as the club only lift the PNB centenary trophy. the team shows good football, but without the luck of champions, lost many finals.

In 1996, Club won the McDowells cup, and closely missed many finals for bad luck.

In 1997, Club won DCM Trophy and Calcutta Football League.This year, Mohun Bagan withdraw it’s name from the preliminary round for first National Football League against the protest of a got up game which was against the club. So missed the first National Football League. But the club give the Nigerian Striker Okorie Cheema to East Bengal Club to help them bring the league to Kolkata. But East Bengal failed to bring that.

In 1998, Club returned to it’s glorious path again. As the football federation saw the National League is going to be a glamuor less tournament without the number one team of India, and decided to take Mohun Bagan in NFL. Mohun Bagan won the NFL and that way, created a history. This year Mohun Bagan also lifted Federation Cup and IFA Shield.

In 1999, Club won the IFA Shield and Sanghati Cup at Kolkata.