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Mohun Bagan Athletic Club is the oldest club in Asia. After its establishment in 15th August 1889, The club has won glories at galore for themselves, as well as for the nation. Mohun Bagan was the first Indian team to have defeated a foreign team,when they defeated East Yorkshire Regiment to lift the 1911 IFA Shield . Mohun Bagan has the highest number of wins for an Indian Club team at the highest level of Asian Club Competition- The AFC Champion's League.

(The packed Mohun Bagan Ground) There is quite a bit of history regarding its developent.In the winding streets of North Kolkata there existed a lovely bungalow owned by the mighty Mitra family.That bungalow was known as Mohun Bagan Villa.It was in that bungalow where the roots of the greatest club in India was laid. In 1889 Mohun Bagan club was formed.The first sport to be ever played in the club was no doubt football. But as time rolled ,numerous other games like Hockey,Tennis,Badminton creeped in.Atheletics too was a major ivent. It was in the 90's that Cricket was introduced in the club's schedule. From then on the annual Athelectic's meet was held every year with great pomp and show.
The biggest event in the club premises being held in the last couple of years is the Mohun Bagan day on 29th July (The day when Mohun Bagan lifted the IFA Shield for the first time in 1911),where the prestigious Mohun Bagan Ratna award is awarded to the former greats of the club. The recipients of this award till date is the Olympian : T. Aao ,the late Sibdas Bhaduri & late Gostha Pal.Many players who have doned the prestigious Green & Maroon jersey have made the country proud.Indeed Mohun Club is like a second home to them. The unending list includes : The legendary Gostho Pal , Sibdas Bhaduri , T.Aao , Chuni Gowami , Sailen Manna ,Balaram,Sattar,Sanat Seth,Subrata Bhattacharya,Prasun Banerjee,Subhas Bhoumick ........ to today's Satyajit Chatterjee, Basudev Mondal,Renedy Singh. Arguably the greatest foreigner in Indian Football - Jose Ramirez Barreto ,better known as the ball charmer from the land of Pele has turned in the Mohun Bagan outfit,and has turned out only for Mohun Bagan.The club is having the largest fan base in India (More than 70 million people, perhaps the biggest in the world. Every corner of this planet you can find a Mohun Bagan fan).Mohun Bagan Supporters are well known for their sheer love for the team, sportsmanship, broadmindness and Nationalism.

A postage stamp had been published by Govt of India in 1989 remembering the 1911 Victory of Mohun Bagan Athletic club. It is to be noted that Indian Nationalism has got a boost after this win. Govt of India honoured the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club and it's immortal eleven for the fight for an oppressed country. This is the only postage stamp in India that has been published for a Club. It is that moment when Mohun Bagan has been annouced as the National Club of India.

(A detailed History of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club is comming very shortly.)
 General Information on Mohun Bagan Athletic Club:

Hometown: Kolkata ; West Bengal

Founded - 1889 (oldest Club in Asia)

Sponsor - McDowell's (United Breweries Group)

Ground - Mohun Bagan Ground, Maidan; Calcutta
Capacity: 22.000
NFL home ground: Salt Lake Stadium, Calcutta .
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