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Habibur Scare @ Durgapur Camp

25th June - Habibur Rehman Mondal was taken off just after the lemon break during a practice match versus Durgapur XI today here at B.S Stadium. He was in apparent discomfort and then fell down on the ground, unable to move or even talk ! It was a case of severe muscle cramp which spread though his legs. The Resident Doctor of the nearby National Institute of Technology - Dr. B.K Sarkar was called upon, who along with the ever trusted Gobindraj treated Habibur for long and brought him back to his mobile state. Doses of saline was kept for emergency purposes. However, Habibur is now fit and ready for the next practice session. Rookie Striker Branco also suffered from a mild bout of cold and had to be treated by the doctor.

Meanwhile, Mohun Bagan defeated the Durgapur XI squad 3-0. The first half was a lack lustre one with a dull display of football from both sides. Karim then brought in Barreto, Odafe, Lalkamal, Lalampuia, Rahul and other first XI players. This resulted in the first goal from a Barreto brilliance which was soon followed by a Lalam strike. Mama scored the third goal off a sharp right footer minutes before the long whistle. Bagan dominated the proceedings in the second half, but couldnt convert the chances that came their way.
Rahul Kumar impressed everybody with his solid display as a defensive medio as another Academy cadet - Souvik played as a Left back. Souvik and Malsamzuala, the other Acade
my cadet, however failed to make a mark. Their counter part - Sanjay Boro however, was quite brilliant against the Academy U-17 guys, who lost 1-3 against on 23rd evening.
The senior team looks quite decent after a few days of practice as Coach Karim is trying to bring the best out of everybody. Ishafaq Ahmed however, is yet to regain his full fitness.

On the other hand, MBSFA progressed to the finals of the Sub Division League overpowering their rivals 6-1. The final is on the 27th


May 27: Mariners fought valiantly but went down 3-0 to Bayern. Bagan played without 5-6 key players and still got 3 chances to score with Jr. James Singh and Habibur missing easy chances. Sangram made 2 brilliant saves but for 2 goals, he is to be partially blamed. For MB, stopper duo Vashim and Rakesh was brilliant and in attacking front, Ishfaq and Lalam played well, Lalkamal also had a great match, one shot of Lalkamal hit post. Just before end of match, Breno of Bayern and Branco of MB got red card though the foul which Branco committed was within play. This was the farewell match of legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn and he played his last match in front of 1,30,000 spectators, all time record presence in Salt Lake and the most spectacular thing is that 90% of them are MB supporters. Such an envious thing for other teams!



























May 7: MB has defeated CCFC in a 5 a side exhibition match held today in CCFC ground by 5-2. For MohunBagan, Kartick Kisku scored twice while Lalkamal, Lalamrua and Habibur scored 1 each.

TEAM MOHUNBAGAN : Pralay Dutta,Chirodeep Mukherjee,Karan Atwal,Nabin Kumar, Habibur Rahaman Mondol(C),Kartick Kisku,Henry,Lalamrua,Lalkamal Bhowmick,Tapan Maity

Coach: Satyajit Chatterjee



May 6: Portugese coach Roy Barreto has been appointed as coach of Mohun Bagan Academy. He was previously the coach of Zimbabwe national team. www.mohunbaganclub.com played a crucial role in roping in this Portugese coach. He had various successful stints with the top clubs in South Africa and was also associated with Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Leverkusen, Aston Villa and other famous clubs.

Full Name: Roy Maicol Barreto

Date of Birth: July 16, 1955

Nationality: Portuguese

Languages: English, Portuguese

Status: Married

Football Qualifications

1981: Diploma of Football Instructor, FIFA and CAF

1992: (English) FA Preliminary Award

1992: (German) DFB Diploma

1996: FA Refresher Course, and Attachments

1984: Tottenham Hotspur (England) - 2 months

1992: Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)

1993: Football Academy, Lightning Camps (USA)

1993: Aston Villa (England)

During these attachments, Roy observed and studied different training methods.

National Record (Zimbabwe)

1991: Head Coach, Under-23's

1992: Head Coach, Senior National Team

1993-94: Assistant to Dutch coach Reinhard Fabisch, Senior National Team

1995-96: Technical Advisor, All National Teams

1997-98: Head Coach, Senior National Team (1997: dual role as National Coach and Black Rhinos FC Head Coach)

Club Record

1978: Head Coach, Florida United (Mutare, Zimbabwe) - Manicaland League 2nd Division

1979-80: Head Coach, Red Seal Rovers (Mutare, Zimbabwe ) - Manicaland

League 2nd Division

1980: Junior and Senior Regional Coach (Mutare, Zimbabwe) - Coca-Cola

Tournament Semi-Finalists (Under-18)

1981-83: Head Coach, Cosmos FC (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) - National League 1st Division

1983 - Division 1 Runners-Up and Castle Cup Semi-Finalists

1984-89: Head Coach, Zimbabwe Saints FC (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) – National League Premier Division

1987: League Champions, BAT Rose Bowl Runners-up, Rothman's Shield Runners-Up

1988: League Champions, BAT Rose Bowl Runners-Up, Chibuku Trophy Winners,

Rothman Shield Runners Up, African Club Cup of Champions, 2nd Round

1989: African Club Cup of Champions, Quarter Finalists, Independence Trophy Winners

1989-94: Head Coach, Highlanders FC (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) - National League Premier Division

1990: League Champions, ZIFA Trophy Winners, Africa Day Trophy Winners,

Independence Trophy Runners Up, Heroes' Trophy Runners-Up

1991: ZIFA Trophy Winners, Africa Day Trophy Runners-Up, Independence

Trophy Runners-Up, Heroes' Trophy Winners, Castle Cup Runners-Up, African

Club Cup of Champions, 2nd Round

1992: Heroes' Trophy Winners, Castle Cup Runners-Up

1993: League Champions, Africa Day Trophy Winners, Independence Trophy Runners-Up

1994: Family Planning Trophy Runners-Up

1995-97: Head Coach, Black Rhinos FC (Harare, Zimbabwe) - National Leaguen Premier Division

1996: Defence Force Leyland Trophy Winners

1997: League Champions (Dual role as National Coach and Rhinos Head Coach)

1997: Departed on Government to Government agreement to Namibia for 6 months as Technical Advisor to Namibian Defence Forces)

1998: Head Coach, Amazulu FC (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) - National League Premier Division

1999: Head Coach, Gunners FC (Lobatse, Botswana) - Premier Division

2000-02: Head Coach, Free State Stars (QwaQwa, South Africa) – Premier Soccer League (http://www.psl.co.za/)

2000: BP Top Eight, 6th Place in League

2002-03: Head Coach, Orlando Pirates (Johannesburg, South Africa) – Premier Soccer League

2003 - League Champions in his first season (http://www.orlandopirates.co.za/)

2003/4: Head Coach / Technical Director, Manning Rangers (Durban, South Africa) -Premier Soccer League

2004-6: Head Coach / Technical Director of Free State Stars (http://www.freestatestars.co.za/) (South African PSL club) Won promotion from First Division to Premier League

2006 to present: Head Coach of Bay United (South African First Division), and then promoted to Technical Director

* Was short-listed by AIFF for national team coaching position

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Mar 19: Speculations were on for about a month that he will take over from Carlos as new coach but the official procedure was still left and it took place today in Delhi. He will take charge from June 1, thus his presence during the Bayern Munich match on May 27th looks uncertain. It is reported that he will get 36 lakhs along with well furnished flat, car etc. It is to be noted that under Kareem churchill performed quite well this year with lot of youngsters. It is to be seen whether he can perform the same for Mohun Bagan, the National Club of India with quite a few talented TFA players already recruited by Bagan officials.



January 21: Mohun Bagan today defeated East Bengal five times in a row in Kolkata. Today, the Mariners beat East Bengal by 2 goals to nil. Both the goals was scored by skipper, Baichung Bhutia. After the lemon break, by a controversial decision, referee Dinesh Nair sent off Douglas and the Mariners were reduced to 10 men. But despite the numerical inferiority, Mariners scored another goal and won the match. Baichung, who scored the goals at 29th and 63rd minutes was declared the Man of the Match. Mohun Bagan missed many chances to score and could have won the match by at least 5-1. Dharamjit, James, Barreto missed easy chances to score. First goal was scored off a pass from Barreto off left flank when his swerving left footed pass went to Baichung who scored on the first attempt with his right foot and the ball went in like a bullet by the first post, goalkeeper was standing in first post only but could not move because of the speed with which the shot was taken. After the goal, Barreto missed a easy chance when Subrata mispassed the ball and it went straight to him but Barreto instead of shooting home just made a mistake by passing the ball. In 2nd half, off a pass from Dharamjit inside the box, Baichung got a easy ball to score and was running fast and just when he was about to score, he slept and fell down and Mehraj and Surkumar pounced to clear, but Mehraj while trying to clear the ball hit the ball in Baichung's foot which ballooned up and was going inside the goal when Subrata saved the ball and it came to Dharamjit who unfortunately hit the bar and the ball came to Baichung in rebound who again was waiting for the opportunity and dived and pushed the ball inside the goal. A brilliant striker's goal indeed. After the goal, Baichung got a chance to score hattrick when ball rebounded off Subrata and Baichung took a left foot shot which unfortunately hit a EB defender. Just after lemon break, Douglas was sent off and Bagan played 2nd half with 10 men but apart from last 10-15 minutes, the remaining half was dominated by Mariners. James also missed an easy chance when he had only goalkeeper to beat but took some time to take the shot thus missing an easy chance. EB got the only chance of the match just few minutes before final whistle when they missed an easy head to score. Baichung got Man of the Match. For Mohun Bagan, Sangram, Odafa, Manju, Barreto, Dharamjit and Baichung played brilliant football.





Jan 13:  Mohun Bagan played an attacking football today throughout and though they won by 2-0, could have scored many more goals today. Baichung Barreto missed few chances to score and one head of Baichung was saved from goalline by Viva Defence. Baichung and Ishfaq scored for Bagan. Baichung goal came in 36th minute off Dharamjit cross which Barreto deflected off head and Baichung shot the ball in via his right foot in first half. Ishfaq came as substitute and score late in the match in 87th minute off a 1:1 situation from a Baichung pass. In 2nd half Viva played attacking football and Sangram played very well today and made few good saves and did not concede any silly goal today. Odafa was shown yellow card today. Douglas was outstanding today and received Man of the Match award today. Baichung played very well today and was well supported by Barreto and Lalampuia. TEAM: Sangram, Subhashish, Odafa, Manju, Habibur, Douglas, Venkatesh, Dharamjit (James), Lalampuia (Ishfaq), Baichung, Barreto (Lalkamal)

TEAM: Shilton, Habibur (Lalkamal), Odafa, Manju, Mohanraj, Douglas, Dharamjit (Subhashish), James, Venkatesh (Lalampuia), Barreto, Baichung.

Jan 13: Mariners lock their horns against Viva Kerala, a team which shocked them in the tournament opener at Salt Lake. And now its payback time at Kerala! The mood in the camp is upbeat though they will be missing the services of the young and agile Mohanraj (out with a double booking). Douglas is all set to return after missing out the earlier match against Sporting Clube (which they eventually lost 0-1 thanks to an unpardonable mistake by Sangram Mukherjee, on 9th Jan at Goa), in place of Bobo. According to the reports available, Habibur might be shifted to the left back position (usually taken by Mohanraj), and James will handle the right flank. Lalampuia might be added up front to bolster the scoring guns. Though the race for the title is getting bleaker with every lost point, Mariners will look to stuff their points kitty with as many as they can, and leave the rest to the great game !

              Photos Courtesy: Jafar Khan from Kerala




Jan 5: Mohun Bagan played their best match of the season to beat Mahindra 1-0. Mariners attacked from first to last and played attacking football. Due to Sandeep Nandy, Mohun Bagan could not score more goals. MB also missed 2 easy chances to score. Barreto was outstanding today and again missed out on the Man of Match award as it went to Odafa who also played quite well today. Actually it was a team game from Mariners and no one can be singled out for better performance. Mohun Bagan scored the goal in 2nd half from an attack from the right in which James and Habibur combined quite beautifully and Habibur centered towards goal and Barreto leaped and headed the ball to perfection with goalkeeper having no chance. Unlike other days, defence today was rock steady and Mohanraj, Manju Odafa had a great match today. Mohun Bagan will next play Sporting de Goa on 9th in Goa, match will start at 3.30 pm, we will be providing live update.

TEAM: Shilton (Sangram), Mohanraj, Manju, Odafa, Habibur, Venkatesh (Lalkamal), Douglas, James, Dharamjit (Ishfaq), Baichung, Barreto
















Nov 30:  Mariners won the first derby of the I-League. Baichung Bhutia scored the solitary goal at 61st minute. Mohun Bagan missed 3 and played very well in 1st half while East Bengal mounted pressure in 2nd half but Bagan defence and Shilton played really well and did not concede any goal. Douglas got Man of the Match award; however, the decision should have been given to either Barreto, Mohanraj or Odafa. In first half, Mohun Bagan had relentless pressure on opponent defence and got 2 chances, one missed by Baichung when he could not connect a head off a Dharamjit head but Baichung leaped quite nicely to connect but just failed to connect the ball. In another chance, Baichung heeled the ball beautifully to Barreto who got the ball in an open position, unfortunately his first stride went too long and the ball went out of control and he shot wide. Just after lemon break, Baichung missed a very easy chance when from Dharamjit's head Baichung had to tap the ball in but he tried hard but just could not connect the ball. Then East Bengal started attacking more and was mounting more pressure in Bagan defence. In 61 minutes, Bagan scored the goal. From James corner, ball came to Douglas who centered the ball beautifully and Barreto headed the ball to perfection towards Habibur and Baichung who were standing unmarked in EB box. Baichung leaped and headed the ball and the ball went in with Subrata Pal completely out of position. Lalampuia had come in just before the goal in place of Venkatesh who otherwise had an outstanding match but had to be replaced as he was not fit completely. After the goal, Edmilson missed one easy chance and one half chance, in both cases he shot wide. Otherwise, Mariners defence was rock steady. Bagan missed one more chance when center from left found Lalampuia and Baichung but both tried to reach for the ball and as a result they could not trap the ball properly. For Bagan, Shilton was confident and played well. In defence Mohanraj was outstanding and he made quite a few timely tackles. Odafa and Manju were much better than previous match. Habibur made few mistakes but overall was quite good. He was later replaced by Lalkamal and James went to side back. James had a poor 1st half but in 2nd half he defended well. Venkatesh was superb in midfield and snatched the ball quite well and was marshalling the attacks. Dharamjit was also quite good in midfield. Barreto was outstanding and in our view he should have been the Man of the Match. His understanding with Baichung was superb and the goal came out of this combination only. Douglas as defensive medio was not bad but sometimes he fouled in a dangerous position, in 2nd half he played better. Baichung tried hard, missed few chances but scored the all important goal and gave Mariners 3 points. As a replacement, Lalampuia created havoc in his usual style with his pacy run but Lalkamal was not up to the mark, Subhashish came as late replacement in place of Dharamjit and he was quite good. Bagan now has 11 points and has a very important match against Mahindra on 5th in Salt Lake.

TEAM: Shilton, Habibur (Lalkamal), Odafa, Manju, Mohanraj, Douglas, Dharamjit (Subhashish), James, Venkatesh (Lalampuia), Barreto, Baichung.


Dec 22: Mohun Bagan upfront were at its very best but unfortunately defense line and goalkeeper performed very poorly and allowed opponent to score 4 goals. Coach made few mistakes while selecting first team, keeping Lalkamal and Sangram in first team was a huge mistake. Mohun Bagan went ahead within 2 minutes, it a beautiful move where Bobo gave to Baichung who passed to Barreto inside box and Barreto gave a wall pass to Baichung who scored the first goal, a good move inside the box indeed. Within 10 minutes Salgaokar equalized due to a costly mistake by Sangram. A long ball from midfield was going towards Ambani, Odafe was marking him but suddenly Sangram unnecessarily came charging at the edge of the box and could not clear the ball, Ambani pushed the ball past Sangram and placed it inside empty net, a complete goalkeeping error. Then after few minutes, Felix was attacking via right flank and when he just moved inside the box, Rauf again needlessly tackled him and missed the ball and hit Felix's leg and rightly penalty was given and Felix converted the penalty, Sangram didn't even dive, just was standing still. Within 25 minutes, Salgaokar was leading 2-1. Then good sense prevailed in Carlos and he fielded Lalamapuia in place of Lalkamal and within 10 minutes Bagan scored 2 goals and went ahead by 3-2. First goal was a pass from Bobo which Lalampuia centered via his left foot, Barreto pushed the ball in goal past goalkeeper and the second one from a Lalampuia center Barreto took a well-measured head, this was the best goal of the match indeed. In second half from a superb Dharamjit corner, Bobo headed the ball in to make it 4-2. Then again a costly goalkeeping error. Felix took a freekick from outside the box and Sangram missed the flight and ball went straight into goal. Goalkeeper is supposed to be the last man of defence, but the way Sangram played coach might think of keeping one player behind Sangram to amend for his errors. Then Salgaokar made it 4-4 due to defensive error. The center which was made from left found unmarked Felix inside the box who scored with ease, his hattrick and he was adjudged man of the match. Another bad decision was keeping Venkatesh as defensive medio, he was extremely slow and was not playing to his potential and basically he is an attacking player. He was then replaced by James and within minutes after he came Mohun Bagan got a free kick from just outside the box and James bend it like Beckham to make it 5-4 and thus giving Bagan three points. The last few minutes Peter Siddiqui came as a substitute for Bobo to strengthen the defence and to see that Bagan does not concede any more goals. Before the Kolkata derby which will be on 30th, this 3 point will act as a moral booster for the team indeed.

For Mohun Bagan, Sangram performed very poorly and he is to be blamed for two goals. Odafa in last match was outstanding against Churchill but today he lacked confidence and there was lack of combination between he and Manju. Habibur was better than Rauf Khan in side back but both of them made many mistakes. The penalty which Bagan conceded was due to needless tackle by Rauf whereas the 4th goal was partially due to Habibur. Venkatesh played a little deep in halfline in an unusual position for him and could not play that well. Bobo was so-so but better than Douglas though in case of 2 goals the first pass came from him but Bobo lacks defensive quality and hardly makes any tackle. Dharamjit was best in midfield and played quite well. James was also very good from the time he came as replacement and James should be there in first team. Lalkamal was as usual horrible and rightly replaced by Lalampuia and he played superbly. Barreto Baichung upfront was combining quite well and again proved that they are the best forward line in India but with such dismal performance from defence and goalkeeper, coach will have many unsleeping nights before the match versus East Bengal on 30th.

TEAM: Sangram, Rauf, Manju, Odafa, Habibur, Venkatesh (James), Bobo (Peter Siddiqui), Lalkamal (Lalampuia), Dharamjit, Baichung, Barreto

Nov 18: Mohun Bagan defeated MSc 1-0 to make it all-win title in Kolkata league. MB finished the league 10 points ahead of 2nd position EB. Lalampuia scored for Mohun Bagan. Mohun Bagan missed 3-4 easy chances to score with Barreto, Lalam, James missing. Lalam scored in 87th minute off a Lalkamal pass which deflected off a MSc defender and Lalam pounced on the opportunity and his right foot shot went to goal beating goalkeeper. Shilton saved one penalty in dying minutes of the match and he was adjudged Man of the Match. Lalampuia finished with 8 goals. Barreto became highest scorer with 14 goals.



Nov 14: Mohun Bagan defeated Peerless 2-0 to win Kolkata League for 27th time. Lalampuia and Barreto scored for Mohun Bagan today. Mohun Bagan completely dominated the match and could have won by a bigger margin. Baichung was outstanding today. In first half Baichung and Lalampuia played as strikers with Barreto as attacking medio and midway in 2nd half Venkatesh came in place of Lalmpuia and Barreto moved into striker position with Baichung. Both combinations worked wonders for Mariners. Mohun Bagan's last match is against Mohammedan on 18th. Mohun Bagan will start NFL campaign on 26th versus JCT in Kolkata.
Ex Mohun Bagan players - Leonardo congratulated the team, while sitting far in Brazil Heres what he said: " Congratulations Bagan!!!!!!!! Hope we win the NFL now !!!!!!Go Bagan!!!! YOU ARE IN MY HEART!!! "







Aug 24: Currently, two midfielders are in trial in Mohun Bagan, Gaffari and Emeka. Gaffari had played three years back in Dempo and last year played in Indonesia. Emeka played in Bangladesh. Coach will select one of them who will be the 3rd foreigner for Fed cup apart from Odofa and Barreto. Gaffari told our correspondent that he is very willing to play for Mohun Bagan and that he wanted to play in Kolkata, Indonesia football is good but not so intellectual as in India, especially Kolkata. Meanwhile Mohun Bagan gets quite easy fixture in Fed cup this time. They will play ONGC Mumbai on September 6.




Aug 21: For Mohun Bagan, Peter Siddiqui, Barreto and Venkatesh scored the goals. Mohun Bagan completely dominated the first half and scored 2 goals in this half but could have scored at least two more. The first goal came off a well measured corner from James Singh which Peter Siddiqui headed beautifully and the ball went into the net in the 26th minute. Then in 44th minute, Lalampuia send a through pass to Barreto who got the ball at the edge of the box and when he about to shoot, he was brought down by a defender and Mariners got a penalty. Barreto scored from the penalty with goalkeeper going in different direction. In 2nd half, Peerless started attacking more and Mohun Bagan defence was under pressure and was making few bad mistakes. Shilton also started making errors. In 63rd minute, needlessly Shilton went out of his position to collect a ball which George striker Muritala scored beautifully lobbing the ball past goalkeeper. Then in 70th minute, Odafa could not clear the ball properly and Bagan defence was not in position and Kartik Kisku scored off a right footer which Shilton again could not save. After score became 2-2, Mohun Bagan again started playing well, a clear goal was not given as Lalampuia and Dharamjit exchanged pass among themselves and Lalampuia scored nicely but referee disallowed due to offside. TV replay showed it was a clear goal. Then Barreto missed a easy chance to score from a Venkatesh pass with only goalkeeper to beat. Barreto tried to lobb the ball above the goalkeeper but could not do it properly. Mariners scored the winning goal in 88th minute when a center from James found Barreto who headed the ball down for Venkatesh and the latter made no mistake in scoring off a thumping left footer. Venkatesh was adjudged Man of the Match. Peter Siddiqui will miss next match after receiving two yellow cards. 





Aug 17:  Mohun Bagan played gem of a football to defeat arch rivals by 4-3. MB were leading by 4-1 after half time, but due to complacency they conceded 2 more goals. For Mohun Bagan Barreto, Venkatesh, Lalampuia and Odofa was outstanding. Opponent coach had challenged yesterday to Mariners that they do not have courage to win the match, today's result was a tight slap in his face. Keeping Mohun Bagan President's words that MB will make it 4 in 4 vs EB this year, Mariners have made 1 up with three minimum matches to go against arch rivals. Meanwhile, this is Mohun Bagan's straight 5th win in a row versus East Bengal in KPL. Mariners completely dominated the match today and could have scored many more goals but could not due to missed chances. Barreto and Lalampuia scored 1 goal while Venkatesh scored 2 goals. Mohun Bagan now are 1 point ahead of EB in league table.







Aug 11: Mohun Bagan played brilliant football in the first half to crush Eastern Rail by 3 goals. Barreto, who continued his superb form, started and ended the scoring with strikes in the 5th and 31st mins, while Venkatesh scored a scorcher in the 26th min. Venkatesh, who marshaled the midfield with supreme class was awarded the Man of The Match.






Aug 8: Mohun Bagan today showed attacking football at its best and destroyed Port Trust 7-0. Barreto scored two goals while Lalampuia, Venkatesh, Lalkamal, Dharamjit scored the other goals, the last goal was a same side one. Lalkamal got Man of the Match award which could have been won by Barreto or James Singh also. Mohun Bagan completely dominated the match.




Aug 5: Mohun Bagan played great football today especially in 2nd half to beat Chirag 4-3. Barreto scored a world class goal via back volley and helped Venkatesh and Lalampuia score 2 more goals via his inch-perfect center and diving head which paved the way for them to score the goals. The last goal was scored by Peter Siddiqui from a free kick of Dharamjit. Mohun Bagan conceded 1st two goals due to mistakes made by Sangram and Lalkamal. The last goal that MB conceded was due to mistake made by referee who gave 2 penalties against MB, both of them being converted. Barreto got MoM award.



August 1, 2007

Aug 1: Mohun Bagan failed to defeat George Telegraph and match ended 1-1. Mohun Bagan conceded goal due to an error by Sangram. After that Mariners attacked with flare but could not convert. In 2nd half, James came as substitute and scored one brilliant goal via a right footed shot from about 30 yards distance. Mohun Bagan missed many chances in the match. Barreto missed one easy chance via head off a Venkatesh cross. Ishfaq and Barreto tried few shots but were saved by George goalie who received Man of the Match award. In 2nd half, Lalampuia and James came in as substitute and Mohun Bagan played much more pressing football in this half. Lalampuia missed two easy chance to score, both via left foot, one was saved by goalie and the other the ball went way above the post. Barreto also muffed up one easy chance when he had just goalie to beat, he lobbed the ball but ball heat post and came back. Just before end of match, Barreto took a lovely header off a cross by Dharamjit which hit the post. James delivered an inch perfect cross from the right which Ishfaq could not head properly and goalkeeper was out of position and Subhashish failed to nod the ball in with open goal in front of him. Overall performance by Mohun Bagan was satisfactory as far as the chances which were created but could not finish. Coach made blunder by not fielding James and Lalam in first team. For Mariners, Venkatesh, Ishfaq, Barreto played well. Mohun Bagan plays next match on 5th against Chirag.

Team: Sangram, Bijay (Chinmoy, Lalam), Peter, Habibur, Subhashish (James), Dharamjit, Lalkamal, Venkatesh, Suman, Ishfaq and Barreto.



July 30: Sewram Gobin became the first ever Player of Indian Origin to sign for the National Club of India when he signed the contract papers today evening at the club tent. Gobin is a striker/attacking medio who was playing for Savanne FC (3rd in the Mauritius League; Mauritius is much higher than India in the FIFA ratings). Sewram will be playing for Bagan from the Federation Cup. Till then, he will have to continue impressing the coach and satisfy a few other modalities.

Mr. Jay Bhunjun - Vice President of Savanne FC and chief mentor for Gobin , who had been working tirelessly, hand in hand with the  MohunBaganClub.com team to bring Gobin down to India said: " This is a historic moment for us. Mohun Bagan is a huge phenomenon in Mauritius. We have a whole block in our major stadium in Mauritius dedicated to Mohun Bagan!The last few days were mesmerising for us! It feels great to be a part of a legend in the form of Mohun Bagan."

It now remains to be seen whether Gobin can live up to the expectations of the club in the long run. Incidentally, a few other PIOs had turned out for a couple of teams last season without making any significant impact. It's now Gobins turn to deliver !


MB DAY CELEBRATION - 29th July '07


Mohun Bagan Athletic Club – The National Club of India, showed their spirit to the sports sorority of Bengal. Like the previous seven occasions, the members and the supporters were there to celebrate the Mohun Bagan Day as usual. The dimension of festival was dignified with the introduction of some noble aspect of rejuvenation. For the first time in India, a club put the concept of mascot in reality - Mohun Bagan Athletic Club of Kolkata.
29th July 1911 will always be a part of pride for every single Mohun Bagan fan , not only due to its victory in IFA Shield but also for its pronounced patriotism which evoked the subservient society to fight against the British rule. Even today people are paying their tributes to those eleven bare footed soldiers for their impeccable achievement which made the history to its height.
The function started in the cloudy afternoon but the cloud was not heavy enough to wash out the festive mood of Mohun Baganies. U 13 Mohun Bagan squad had a friendly encounter with the Avenue Sanmiloni to register a 2-0 victory over the latter. There were notable attendances of crowd although there was a non stop threatening of monsoon rain. Some may have thought that the monsoon cloud halted for a moment over the ground to salute the spirit of Mohun Bagan.

Much of the enjoyment elongated with the ambient drum beaters playing the drum around the ground. Then came the turn of Royal Bengal Tiger, the official mascot of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, which started entertaining the crowd. Even the ex players were quite excited to have the mascot with them in the photo session.
The ex players participated in a friendly football match. Former great players like Pranab Ganguly, Ashoke Chatterjee, Bidesh Bose, Prasun Mukherjee and others were using their skills to mesmerize the mariner crowd. Mohun Bagan coach Carlos Pereira was there and even he was thrilled to see the acrobatic effort of Tridib Talukdar to put the ball inside the nylon net. That time coach Carlos Perreira was found sharing a few funny moments with the mascot. P.K Bannerjee, Badru Banerjee was also there to add the fragrance of festive to its perfection.
None could stop himself from getting the glamour of Mohun Bagan Day .How could the tollywood stars remain an exception? They came forward with the Sports Journalists to entertain everybody, Chinmoy Roy executed some dribbling skill with the football. ! However the match ended at a 3-0 score sheet in favor of the tollywood stars, the function was not ended rather just began.
The Mohun Bagan Ratna was awarded to Late Dhiren Dey for his contribution as administrative body. It was during his time the concrete gallery was made for the members. The flood lights were also introduced in his time.
Anjan Mitra announced the official name of the mascot, it was Baggu. The cultural program was lifted to a high with the presence of Arati Mukherjee and Raghab Chhaterjee. The lightning fire crackers made the moon to escape behind monsoon cloud. At the close of the function the members gathered at the dinning space for dinner. It was all about a pure taste of Mohun Bagan culture which not only told about the story of old heroism but to engage the youth of today to shift the baton to the youth of tomorrow. That was all about the experience of past to ensure the expectation of future.







July 27: Mohun Bagan defeated MBSFA 4-1 today in a practice match. For Mariners, Dharamjit scored 2 goals and Ishfaq and Sewram Gobin scored 1 goal each. Mohun Bagan's first team was:
Sangram, Mohanraj, Peter, Habibur, Suman, Dharamjit, Venkatesh, Lalkamal, James, Ishfaq and Sewram Gobin.

www.mohunbaganclub.com has helped the club in bringing Sewram Gobin in trial as PIO (Player of Indian origin).

Mohun Bagan is currently holding the residential camp in Durgapur since 16th July 2007. The team is expected to have the camp till 27th July 2007. The Coach Carlos Roberto Pereira and his deputy the Bagan boy Satyajit Chatterjee are working closely with the team here. The veteran coach, who is happy with the infrastructure at Durgapur, is conducting sessions twice a day - 8 am in the morning and 4 pm in the afternoon.
Bagan is having Dipak, Maria, Manju, and Baichung in the national camp.





Some other pictures:






May 27: Mohun Bagan today demolished Dempo 4-0 and lifted Super Cup.  Mohun Bagan could have won by 2 more goals if Barreto would not have missed easy chance. Baichung scored hat trick and Lalampuia 1 goal.

This was a mixed year for Mohun Bagan. This is their 2nd trophy after winning Fed Cup. In AFC Cup, they have performed quite well just missing berth for quarter finals by a whisker. They finished runners in IFA Shield and IFA league and reached Semi Final of Durand. However, the most dismal part was performance in NFL. Overall MB performance was the best among the Kolkata teams. 


Mar 20: Mohun Bagan defeated Pahang FC, Malaysia by 2 goals to 1 in AFC Cup Group F away match at Stadium Darul Makmur, Malaysia on Tuesday. This is the 2nd match for Bagan in AFC 2007.  While Baichung scored the winning goal, it was Lalawmpuia who initially got the lead for Bagan. The  Bagan defense under the leadership of Douglas
made it difficult for the Malays to score. In the 30th minute a through from Sushil found Lalawmpuia, who made no mistake in converting the opportunity into the goal.  Bagan could have increased the margin but Pahang defenders did well to restrict the visitors. Later midfielder Tarik Al-Janaby, scored for the homers by a header. On 74th minute, Baichung scored from an opportunity created from a mis-pass from Mohammed Iqbal, Pahang goalie.

Bagan holds the top spot in the league table.

Team : Shilton, Goutam[Anit 46'], Deepak, Dauglus, Dulal, Manas[Maria 31'], Mehtab(C), Lalkamal, Sushil, Suman, Lalawmpuia[ Baichung 67'].

Goutam and Lalkamal were booked in the match.



Mar 10: Again Mariners excelled this time in Goa in absence of 6-7 players of dream team but still MB  created huge number of chances and could have won the match 4-1, but matche ended 0-0 against Sporting club de Goa. Continuing with his top form, Deepak was chosen MoM but it could have been Dulal also. He was at his career best form today. He took two thundering shots from outside box, one was saved brilliantly by goalie but the other one was denied by post. Both the shots were world class. He also created an open net chance for Lalawmpuia who missed yet again today. It is high time Sushil and Lalawmpuia grow up and utilize the chances they are getting in National Club of India. Overall, great effort by Mariners under Chima but like last 2 matches luck factor and missed chances denied full points.  Just before end, Surajit missed a easy header from a inch perfect corner of Lalkamal.



Mar 6: Under Chima Okerie, Mohun Bagan excelled once again. Without the presence of Baichung, Barreto, Du, Dharamjit, Tomba, Maria, Mehraj Mohun Bagan still managed to hold the fancied opponents from Singapore by 0-0. Lalawmpuia like EB match played inspiring football. If nurtured properly, he will be the next superstar of Indian football. Playing his first match for MB, Douglas got Man of the Match today. He really played terrific football and HE WAS RIGHTLY SELECTED MOM. However, it could have been given to Deepak, Anit or Mehtab also. Deepak is continuing with his supreme form.



Mohun Bagan was defeated by East Bengal 1-0. Mohun Bagan played dazzling football in 2nd half but could not score due to missed chances. Lalawmpuia though excelled today but missed quite a few easy chances to score.



Feb 26: It is Sangram Mukherjee, Deepak Mandal, Mehtab Hussain, Lalkamal Bhawmick, Dipendu Biswas, Chinmoy Sarkar, Suman Dutta, Manas Das on one side and Vincent Peres,Bibiano Fernandes, Alvito D'Cunha on the other side. No its not Bengal vs Goa - its Mohun Bagan AC facing the City giant Kingfisher East Bengal.

Last year Bagan won two consecutive matches against KEB but went down to the arch rivals and had a bad show in the National Football League and they failed to win the Cup. Mariners had to remain satisfied with the third spot.
The Fed Cup champion did not start the ONGC CUP well and could only secure 7 points from 5 matches, while the rivals have secured 11 points from equal number of matches.

Bagan players namely Sanjeev Maria, Favio Vidal, Dharamjit Singh, Baichung Bhutia are nursing injuries and Subrata Pal, Sushil Singh, D. Ravanan are in the national squad. Bagan had released Du for injuries. Bagan's probable 14 - Sangram, Mehraj, Deepak, Maria, Manas, Mehtab, Lalkamal, Favio, Chinmoy, Barreto, Baichung, Lalawmpuia, Suman and Dipendu.

Kingfisher would miss the service of Rajat Ghosh Dastidar, Rahim Nabi, Alvito D'Kunha and Covan Lawrence for various reasons. The probable team - Ayan, Vincent Peres, Christiano, M. Suresh, Soumik Dey, Bibiano Fernandes, Izumi Arata, Mama, Edmilson, Ambani, Jayanta Sen, Dipankar Roy, Asim Biswas
Players to watch :
Bagan - Baichung Bhutia, Jose Barreto, Lalkamal Bhawmick, Mehrajuddin.
KEB - Soumik Dey, Ambani, Mama, M. Suresh
It would be an interesting match to watch.



Feb 18: Mohun Bagan was defeated by Dempo 2-1. Mariners scored the first goal in first half via Baichung Bhutia off a Barreto header which the former flicked to perfection. Dempo scored equalizer via defensive lapse, Ranty score. The winner came in 2nd half via Climax Lawrence. Mohun Bagan has now 4 points from 5 matches.



Feb 14: MB excecutive committee had taken a decision of not playing the Dempo match anywhere other than Salt Lake. Today WB Sports Minister wilted under pressure and the match will be held in YBK on Sunday. Final decision will be taken in a meeting tomorrow at 1:30 pm. MB-MSC match on Feb 23 may also be held in Salt Lake. Congrats Anjan MItra and his team.  This is indeed the joy of Kolkata football.

In another decision taken regarding transfer of players from next season, now players of the two big teams in Kolkata can join the other team, but for that the team have to pay 25% of the players fee to the player's last club (earlier they had to pay 10 lakh as transfer money). This is also indeed a healthy decision taken.



Feb 4: Sao Paolo from Brazil scored 9 goals against the other two Kolkata teams before they met Mohun Bagan. Mariners selected this match to see the three new boys they have registered from MBSFA, and wanted to test the defense as well. It was a busy day for Deepak with Maria and Mehraj on two sides. Manas , Anit , Favio, Dulal and Lalkamal were the midfielders and Barreto & Baichung were the forwards. Bagan initially created some panic in SPFC defense. But from the 4th minute Baichung was trapped by SPFC play acting and he started loosing his temper. Baichung was booked in the 35th minute and got the marching order in the 40th minute. Bagan conceded the first goal in the 24th minute, when a swerving shot from the freekick dropped just before the far post and went in. The second goal  took place in the 76th min. Bagan had fielded 3 players of MBSFA today. The players seemed to be promising. This match will be remembered for brilliant performance by Barreto, Maria, Mehraj and Deepak.  Young Lalkamal would have to keep his cool in the opponent penalty area. Favio was also not at his best today. Dulal was disappointing.


Jan 20: Mohun Bagan showed class in 2nd half and defeated Air India 2-1, Fabio and Barreto scored for Bagan. Surprisingly, coach Robson did not include Dharamjit and Lalkamal in first team but on their inclusion in 2nd half team performance changed and Mariners played dazzling football. In this period Bagan scored one via Barreto, an opportunistic goal which he finished cool headed, but could have scored many more. Air India keeper was continously holding the ball in his hand and kicking from outside the box (four times he did in first half) and in 2nd half he was penalized and Bagan got free-kick. Fabio scored from a thundering free-kick. Dharamjit was later in 2nd half replaced by Chinmoy as the former got slight injury and coach did not want to take any risk, but instead of Chinmoy inclusion of Lalawmpuia would have been a better option. Last 10 minutes Air India completely dominated and scored once.  For Bagan, Mehraj, Fabio, Mehtab, Dharamjit and Baichung were the main heroes. Gautam, Suman, Dulal and Manas were disappointing.


Jan 10:  Mohun Bagan today suffered 2-0 defeat on the hands of JCT. Sunil Chetry scored both goals. Barreto again could not leave up to the potential. He missed quite a few easy chance. Baichung tried a lot but could not score. Dipendu also was fielded only for 5 minutes before end of play. Maria got red card after receiving two yellow cards. Strategy of coach is also to be questioned. He continues playing with 3-man defence even in absence of Du.

Jan 14: In an unimpressive display of football, Bagan surrendered hands down to Mahindra United after th\aking an early lead. Baichung scored a magnifiicent goal in the early minutes. But later on, it was only Mahindra all over as Bagan succumbed timidly to the Mahindra pressure , a lot of flak will have to be taken by the Bagan defenders whose childish follies cost the team a couple of silly goals. Barreto, too, wasted an easy to reduce the margin.
Yakubu struck twice, and Pomeyie and Abhisek Yadav struck one a piece to make it 4-1 in favour of the Mumbai Jeepmen.



Jan 6:  Mohun Bagan could not beat HAL in their first match of NFL today. They got quite a few chances to score but could not. Just before end of the match, Baichung's shot hit the post and went away. However, HAL also got few chances of defensive lapse, which luckily was saved by Sangram. Overall, this is an unimpressive start but keeping in mind this is an away match, 1 point is not bad. Ayan was injured 10 minutes before end of match.
TEAM: Sangram, Maria, Deepak, Dulal, Fabio, Dharamjit, Bijoy, Lalkamal (Mehtab), Chinmoy (Ayan, Sushil), Barreto, Baichung.



Jan 2:  Bernard Operanozie has been appointed assistant coach of Mohun Bagan and he will assist Robson during NFL. When the team will be in action in away matches, he will here in Kolkata with other players of the team and will train them.

It has been reported that Tomba, Mehraj and Subhash who missed Fed cup due to injury will play in NFL.  Mohun Bagan will play their first match against HAL in Bangalore on January 6.

A member of Mohun Bagan club, Mr. Gautam Manna has prepared an unique greetings card for winning Fed cup as well as New year.





Dec 30:  Mohun Bagan defeated Sporting club de Goa 4-2 in tie breaker to win Fed Cup for record 12th time. The match ended 1-1 after 120 minutes.  Fabio scored via a thumping head off a Mehtab free-kick. The players are so much fit is proved by the fact that Mariners had played 120 minutes in the last three matches. Robson has indeed done a great job as a phyio but as a coach he had made few mistakes today by withdrawing Dharamjit, Mehtab, and Lalkamal and replacing by 3 strikers. Anyway, credit should be given to him. As a stop-gap coach Mohun Bagan is runners in IFA Shield and Champions in Fed Cup. Baichung got Man of the Tournament and Highest scorer award for scoring 4 goals in the tournament. Today, apart from Baichung, Maria, Deepak and Fabio had a great game. Sangram saved 2 penalties in shoot-out. Barreto, DIpendu and Fabio scored for Mariners. Mohun Bagan has qualified to play in AFC Cup 2007.


Dec 27: It was a brilliance of one Indian striker, was a sheer strength of commitment from Bhaichung Bhutia which helped the Bagans to bag the ticket for the final of 28th “Peerless” Federation Cup 2006 here in Salt Lake stadium, Kolkata. Even being doubtful to make it in the first eleven before 24 hour of the crucial encounter against Dempo, Bhaichung couldn’t stop himself to take the boots and he came back in style against the stalwart Dempo defence.
It has been an eventful occasion since the 2004 Fedration Cup. This time also a high voltage encounter has been executed by few players including Ranty Martins of Dempo and Lalampuia of Mohun Bagan who were sent off the ground showing off the ball agitation. It was Dempo who took the lead in the 27th minute of play through their Nigerian recruit Ranty Martins. Mariners after conceding the goal started to mount pressure but couldn’t get to the top till the lemon break.


Dec 24: Baichung-Barreto combination showed its excellence in 26th minute when Barreto got a brilliant pass from Baichung and scored one of the best goals of the tournament so far after turning 180 degrees and placing the ball beautifully past the goalkeeper. After Churchill went ahead 2-1, Dipendu scored an equalizer in 86th minute off a head from a well-measured Dharamjit free-kick. Mohun Bagan missed quite a few very easy chances to score today. Baichung played ecstatic football.



Dec 21: Beware opponents! Baichung-Barreto combination showed magic today as Mariners trounced Viva Kerala 4-1. Baichung and Mehtab scored 2 goals each. Barreto missed two very easy chances to score but last two goals came off his pass. The goal by Mehtab by thundering head off a Baichung center was the best of the lot. It reminded us of Sisir Ghosh. Mohun Bagan completely dominated the match. The only goal they conceded was a "referee" gifted one as the shot from Babatunde went straight into goal though the free-kick was an indirect one.



Dec 15: Mohun Bagan missed quite a few easy chances and lost the final of IFA shield. Mahindra won by 1-0. Two shots of Barreto and Lalawmpuia hit the post. Baichung really tried hard but did not get adequate support from midfield. By his individual effort, he came close to scoring twice. Like semifinal, Barreto was not in his prime form in final also. Defence looked shattered in absence of Du. Few strategies of coach are to be questioned like not including Dharamjit in starting lineup or continuing with Dulal for full 90 minutes. Performance of new Brazilian, Fabio is very poor.

13th December : Mohun Bagan reaches final of IFA Shield:

Dec 13: Mohun Bagan reached final of IFA Shield by beating Sporting de Goa 1-0 via a left footer shot by Lalkamal Bhowmick which beat the goalkeeper hands down. Barreto and Baichung missed three easy chances to score. In the 2nd half after the goal was scored, Mariners played great attacking football. Sangram, Du, Mehtab, Lalkamal and Baichung was brilliant today but Dharamjit and Deepak was best. Du did not allow Dudu any space throughout the match and thus he fouled Du many times which referee overlooked. Once Dudu came and hit Gautam and pushed him to the ground. After the match, Dudu came and hit badly at Du and Du to save himself pushed him but unfortunately Du was also shown red card along with Dudu. After the match, Barreto clearly said that it was the fault of Dudu and not Du. A decision on whether Du will play final will be taken in  a meeting to be held on December 15 at 10 am. MB management has already send video evidence along with a letter to the match commissioner


Dec 10: Mohun Bagan again complicated dominated the match but could not score any goals and match ended in 0-0. Mohun Bagan completely dazzled everyone in the last half an hour of the match after introduction of Baichung and Mehtab in second half. Baichung-Barreto combination showed signs that this time they will click and really combined well in 2nd half. Fabio in his first match got pass mark but is slightly slow and may improve in coming matches. Again, Barreto was tripped inside opponent box, and going with recent tradition, MB did not get penalty. It is to be remembered that in both the matches in KPL where MB had drubbed EB, the former did not get two clear penalties. Mohun Bagan will play semifinal on Dec 13.

Below are some pictures from today's match:


Barreto tripped inside Shenzen box but no penalty given         Dipendu missed the easiest chance off a Barreto pass


Du missed an easy chance to score and shot wide             Barreto tries to score but could not get past goalkeeper


Mehtab run from midfield blocked by two defenders                Deepak clears a Shenzen move


A terrific center from Subhash cleared by defence                  Another Barreto-Baichung deadly move


December 8: Fabio signs for Mohun Bagan:


Dec 8: Fabio Cortez, the Brazilian midfielder signed for Mariners today. He will be playing the next match on Sunday against Shenzen. The players will be back tomorrow from Indian team and they will also play in the next match. Dharamjit is more or less fit and he might also be registered in IFA Shield team. The 17 players registered so far for IFA Shield is Sangram, Shilton, Du, Dipak, Rabhanan, Gautam, Manas, Dulal, Suman, Chinmoy, Mehtab, Lalkamal, Dipendu, Barreto, Surajit, Lalawmpuia and Fabio. 3 places are left which will likely be filled by Baichung, Subhash and Dharamjit. 


Dec 4: Mohun Bagan failed to defeat MSC and the score remained 0-0. Mariners missed a number of easy chances, the easiest by Surajit in first half. In the last half an hour, Du, Dipendu could not score and they were denied a clear penalty as a cross from right was cleared off hand by MSC defence. MSC got a penalty that was saved by Sangram. Mehtab was outstanding today. Du, Barreto, Dipak, Lalkamal had a good match but Dipendu and Surajit were completely out of form.  However, it is quite surprising that Bijay Basfore and Ayan is not included in IFA Shield team while Surajit and Manas got chance.

28th November : Team Physio Robson to act as Coach temporarily :
After the startling resignation of Biswajit Bhattachariya, Mohun Bagan officials today named Brazilian physio Robson as their temporary coach. Mohun Bagan general secretary Mr. Anjan Mitra today told the media person that they are running in crisis for a qualified coach and at this moment they would not afford any inconsiderate decision that may lead to tumult the fate of the team for the rest of the season. Addressing the press meet Mr. Mitra added that four senior players will be in cooperation with Robson. These players are Barreto, Deepak Mondal, Dulal Biswas and Mehtab Hussain.
“We were having a good relationship beginning together and still I have all my feelings towards parting coach Biswajit Bhattachariya” Mr. Mitra said. He strongly put his aversion against few media for spreading baseless stories. He ended all the allegations raised against Robson regarding his activities during the Durand Cup. Anjan Mitra was there in the Neh Delhi during the mariners encounter in Durand, had all the happenings under his evidence. He was quite shocked to know the fact that Biswajit Bhattachariya was carrying his resignation from Kolkata. He opposed the fact of being defaulter of payment for last two months. In front of the media he showed the contract paper which showed a contract of Rs.5.5 Lakhs for eleven months. Mr. Mitra said that Bhattachariya was in charge for five and half months and thus would be liable for remuneration of Rs.2.75 Lakhs. According to Mr.Mitra Mohun Bagan club management had already paid Rs.3.5 Lakhs to Biswajit Bhattachariya, which means Rs.75, 000 in excess. Obviously Mr.Mitra affirmed his uncertainty of the news. Finally when Robson was asked for his qualification as a coach, Robson showed his professionalism by mentioning the fact that he had been appointed as a temporary coach apart from his role of being physio and would surely make the hot chair empty for some one else whoever will be appointed by the club management.
Meanwhile the club officials will have a press conference tomorrow in the club premises regarding the participation of Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy in the SSSP Championship to be held in Singapore.
Mehtab Hussien - Once a Mariner , Always a Mariner ...

Mehtab Hussien and Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, took an long stride towards professionalism when Mehtab signed in for Bagan for 3 years. This was a rare instance for Indian football, when Mehtab resigned from a GOI - PSU for to pursue his football career.

Mehtab who sent his resignation on 20th of this month to ONGC, waited for his clearance, and as soon as the clearance came Mehtab went to the IFA office along with the Mohun Bagan officials to confirm all the formalities which is not only came as a relief to  all the Mohun Bagan fans for the coming three seasons, but also rolled down the curtains over the dilemmas and the baseless rumours which were sparked by a certain website. That particular website tried out various tricks to strain the relationship between Mehtab and the club. They repeatedly posted totally baseless and flase reports concerning the two parties. Mohun Bagan fans too should think at least thrice before visiting that website.
  This 3 year contract between our club and our loyal Mehtab, should serve as a warning to that website. Similar baseless rumors if floated again by that website, will be dealt with pretty severely.
 Speaking to the media persons Mehtab expressed to continue his football career with the National soccer club. He also added that Mohun Bagan officials would allow him to go for trials in foreign lands.
Ending the long layoff, Mehtab donned the prestigious club colors again, when he turned out in todays encounter versus Air India (23rd November 2006),  which Bagan won by a solitary goal in the injury time scored by Surojit Bose. Bagan will be meeting either Dempo or JCT in the semi finals of the Durand Cup.
21st November 2006: Mohun Bagan’s drew with Mahindra United here in New Delhi today. It was Barreto who scored with a 26th minute strike - a powerful righter footer to put his side ahead.
But in the second half it was Barreto again who came into the rescue for his former side when he tried to clear the ball off a corner from James Singh, another ex Mohun Bagan game-maker. The ball took an extra curve when it swung into the Bagan net.
It was probably the most significant fact of the match that Barreto alone scored both the goals only to make clear cut evidence that how much difference was there between him with the rest of the guys. After today’s match both the teams are in the same position earning 4 points from 2 matches. The goal difference is also equal. If things will not go in a wrong direction it will be the same two teams who will qualify for the last four from this group.
Sangram, Manas, Dulal, Goutam, Bijoy, Du, Chinmoy, Suman, Ndem, Barreto, Dipendu(Ayan)

19th November 2006:  MB 2-1 SCG  Mohun Bagan started their campaign in 119th “Osian’s” Durand Cup with a 2-1 victory over Sporting Clube de Goa. Dula Biswas and Jose Ramirez Barreto scored for the mariners in the 74th and 76th minute of the play respectively where as MacPherlin Dudu Omagbemi reduced the margin for the Champion side from Goa.
The Mariners started their game on a cautious note, as expected from a side sans its top 6 players. Keeping Anit Ghosh in the blocker position, coach Biswajit Bhattacharya pushed Guy Ndem in the upfront with promising prodigy Lalkamal in the midfield. In the early hours of the match, Eduardo Chacon, popularly known as Du, headed the ball only to see it ricochet of the side post. An intense midfield battle ensued. Mariners earned few corners, one of which came close to give them the lead when Barreto’s header was swept away from the goal line by the Sporting defender.
                                                               (pic1 : Du's header hits the SCG Goal post)
After the lemon break Biswajit Bhattacharyia brought in Ayan Chowdhury to replace Anit Ghosh; Ndem was shuffled in the midfield to pair Ayan with Brazilian Barreto. The first blood of the match was drawn by veteran Dulal Biswas in the 74th minute - Barreto passed the ball to Ndem who took a booming right footer which the Sporting keeper parried away with a great effort only to see it land infront of Dulal, who calmly put his side ahead by placing it on the other side of the keeper. Just two minutes later Mohun Bagan earned a free kick from which Barreto nicely headed past the ball in the net. During this patch of the match, Barreto was looking in awesome touch as he was trying to rewind the magic of his self created golden past. Mean while Dudu reduced the margin for the Sporting to console the Goan side with a solitary goal.
Despite of the fact of not having the full strength, mariners coach tried his all possible combinations to check the strength of his side bench. He brought Dipendu in the 85th minute of (pic2: Goal Line save by a SCG defender) play to replace Lalkamal. From today’s match it was quite vivid that Biswajit Bhattachariya wouldn’t let things on the hands of fortune, rather he would put his all possible efforts which he used to in his early short spanned football career.

Sangram Mukherjee, Dulal Biswas, Manas Das, Bijoy Basfore, Du, Goutam Debnath, Anit Ghosh,(Ayan Chowdhury 45’) Suman Dutta,, Lalkal Bhowmik,(Dipendu Biswas 85’) Ndem, Barreto



Mohun Bagan played great football and defeated Railway FC 2-0, Ayan and Dipendu scored. Dipendu has become joint highest score with 7 goals in Premier League. Bagan could have won the match by 7 goals with Endem, Satyajit, Ayan, Dipendu, Du missing lots of chances. Certainly the fitness of the players have improved a lot and unlike first few matches, team is really playing well in 2nd half also. Full credit goes to Biswajit and Robson. Endem had a great match, especially in the 2nd half and was rightly awarded Man of the Match. Dharamjit, Du, Maria, and Endem played superbly. Satyajit and Ayan has improved a lot. 


Oct 30: Mohun Bagan downs Eastern Rail by a margin of 2 goals. The first goal was scored by Ayan while Satyajit scored the second one. Ayan was awarded Man of the Match. Bagan would have won by a bigger margin.

MB completely dominated the match. Ayan himself missed 3 chances to score. Rabhanan played exceptionally well as central midfielder. Du and Maria were rock solid in defence. Satyajit, Subhash and Endem as change also played quite effectively. Dipendu was excellent and gave quite a few through pass to Ayan who should have done better.




Oct 27: Mohun Bagan has been placed in Quarter Final group with Mahindra, Sporting de Goa and a qualifier from pre quarter final. Mohun Bagan matches are on November 19th, 21st and 23rd.

Today, there was NO PRACTICE and NO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING in the club . Tomorrow practice will be held at 8 am in morning. Today officials met with Imran and Lalawmpuia and the matter has been resolved and latter will start practicing from tomorrow. Gen Secy. Anjan Mitra specifically told that they had NO MEETING OR DISCUSSION WITH ANY OTHER PLAYER REGARDING ANY OTHER ISSUES.

Oct 18: The Ace striker of Mohun Bagan Dipendu Biswas helped Bengal to reach Semi finals of this year's Santosh Trophy. It was an individual brilliance of Dipendu which helped Bengal sail through. The goal came in the 2nd half via a direct free-kick from outside the box which curved and beat goalkeeper hands down in the 1st post. Dipendu has scored both goals for Bengal in quarter final league in this year's edition. Dipendu told that this is one of the best goals of his career. Mahindra United management and last year coach of Mariners Amal Dutta wanted to ruin his career and labeled him as "finished" but to his determination and zeal with help from Mohun Bagan management and coach Biswajit, he has again come back to form. Congrats Dipendu.




12th October, 2006

Baichung Bhutia will miss the last 3 matches of KPL this year as in addition to the 2 match suspension due to red card, he has been suspended for 1 more match plus Rs. 50000 fine. Debasish Dutta and Robson will sit out of the technical area for 1 match. For Baichung, this is a blessing in disguise as he will get good rest.

Continuing with FALSE reporting, the ONLY BIASED site of Indian football reported that Baichung has been "banned for assault on referee" which is a complete LIE.  We completely condemn this kind of purposeful biased reporting.  HE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FOR NOT LEAVING THE GROUND FOR REMAINING 5 MINUTES OF THE MATCH AFTER RECEIVING RED CARD.

Sep 18: Ex-Mohun Bagan player and Indian captain Sudip Chatterjee passed away today. We express condolence to his family on the loss of "the complete footballer" of Indian football.






26th September, 2006
Sep 26: Referee again tried to stop MB but could not. Like 1st league, again a penalty has not been awarded to Mohun Bagan after Rajat tripped Baichung inside the box. Few minutes before the end, for a yellow card offence, Baichung was shown red card. Though at the end of the day, biased refereeing could not stop Mohun Bagan win 1-0. This is fourth consecutive win of Mohun Bagan over arch rivals in Premier League. Congrats Bishuda and team.

Mohun Bagan could have won the match 4-0. Apart from the clear penalty, Dulal's center hit the post and went away, Lalkamal tried to shot himself inside the box but it would have been a sure goal if he would have passed to Dipendu. Sangram, Du, Maria, Dipak, Dulal, Lalkamal, Endem, Baichung and Dipendu had a great match with Sangram, Lalkamal, Endem and Maria standing out.


Some other pictures from today's match.





Sep 10: Baichung brilliance does it again for Mariners. This time the goal came via his left footer shot off a Dharamjit cross which left goalkeeper Gopal Das fully stranded. Overall performance was quite satisfactory with lot of chances being missed. Lalkamal was adjudged man of the match.


Ayan missed an easy chance to score in the 2nd half with only goalkeeper to beat but he hit straight to the latter. Just before end of match, Ndem took a shot which swerved a lot and was going inside goal but was brilliantly saved by the goalkeeper. One header of Du off a Dharamjit corner was saved from goal line by the opponent defender.

Team :
Sangram, Manas, Du, Dipak, Maria, Lalkamal, Dharamjit, Ndem, Chinmoy (Dulal), Dipendu (Ayan), Baichung



        Baichung direct free kick    

10th September, 2006
Sep 10: Baichung came as a change in 2nd half. It was enough time for him to show his brilliance. He scored the winning goal of a world class free kick (see picture below). Earlier Lalkamal scored off a penalty (see picture below). Port had earlier taken the lead before break. Dipendu missed few easy chances today and missed a penalty. Baichung was the man of the match today. Lalkamal was also brilliant today playing his first match for Mariners. MB has now 14 points out of 8 matches.


Some other pictures from today's match.


     Lalkamal Penaty goal                                 Dipendu missed penalty           Port goal (Du in ground and Dipak
                                                                                                                          did not man mark)


Ball striking hand of Port defender
for 2nd penalty                                                 Baichung among supporters        Baichung Man of the Match   


31st August, 2006
Aug 31: Mohun Bagan played their best match of the season so far and defeated Chirag Sporting by 4-1. Dipendu scored hattrick (see his 3rd and 2nd goal in pic above). Du scored the other goal. Dipendu was adjudged Man of the Match. He was in excellent touch today and gave two excellent pass to Chinmoy and Ayan who missed easy chances. One individual run by Lalan almost created the Maradona 86 magic but his shot just went wide.
Overall it was a great team effort, perhaps the first seen this season and we hope that more of this comes in the coming tournaments.



Mohun Bagan got full 3 points today by defeating Eastern Railway 2-1. MB took the lead in the very first minute when they got penalty when Baichung was fouled inside the box. Mehraj converted from a well taken penalty which went inside goal from the right of Eastern Railway goalkeeper. The first half overall was dominated by Eastern Railway, who after conceding the early goal played quite well and piled up pressure on Bagan defence.  Subrata made few errors in judgment. For the equalizer of Eastern Railway, Dipak and Subrata (like last match) is to be blamed. Dipak again slipped while tackling and Subrata could have done better as the ball went past him inside the net.


After the equalizer, Mohun Bagan played well and came close to scoring few times in second half. The winning goal came via Dipak Mandal after the ball came off the goal post. Mehraj was the star of the match. He really had a great match but the performance of the others in the midfield were not satisfactory. Baichung though tried hard and gave few good balls to Ayon but he is not getting support from midfield and he did not get any through pass from other players. Subhash had few attacks from the wing but he was also inconsistent. The next match is on August 19 versus Mohammedan Sporting in Salt Lake Stadium.

Team :
Subrata, Manas, Maria, Dipak, Dulal, Satyajit (Suman), Mehraj, Chinmoy, Subhash (Surajit), Baichung, Ayon (Dipendu)


29th July, 2006

It was 29th of July, 1911, 95 years back, when the Indian freedom movement found a new avenue towards the independence when Mohun Bagan defeated East Yorkshire Regiment by 2-1. 11 bare footed men showed their character and came from behind not only to equalize but ultimately won the shield. It was on that day when Mohun Bagan Athletic Club became an example towards the subservient Indians and that phenomenon transformed the whole nation. Mohun Bagan Athletic Club became the first ever Indian team to win the IFA Shield and to pay the tribute, 29th July has been celebrated as Mohun Bagan Day. This year the members and the supporters of this prestigious club gathered together in numbers at the club tent to celebrate the occasion.

It was a delayed start due to heavy rainfall; some may have thought that it would going to be a colorless evening as it was still raining. But the weather couldn’t stop the rhythm of melody; the sweetness of sound that evoked from the core of Mohunbagani heart remained unstoppable. 50 drummers started to move around the ground beating the drum. Then it was the turn of the former players to show their skills under these muddy conditions. It was very interesting to watch as Coach Biswajit Bhattacharya was putting his efforts to beat his opponent goalkeeper, Atanu Bhattacharya, who will be assisting the former in this year's team. In this match, Green team defeated Maroon team 1-0 via own goal. After this, another friendly encounter was set between the sports journalists and the tollywood film stars. The film stars were showing good skills as the opponents were just trying to find some open space as they were in a mood to find some news. The artist forum won by 3-0, Jishu scored one of the goals, particularly impressive was Debesh Roy Chowdhury, who is not only a terrific actor but also possesses terrific football skill. He scored one of the goals.

There was a exhibition of quite a few pictures of Mohun Bagan displayed below the Mohun Bagan gallery. There were some very good pictures of various moments of glory of the players of Mohun Bagan.

The main function was arranged behind the goal post, a nice and well decorated stage was prepared which was graced by the presence of IFA President Aditya Kashyap, Mohun Bagan President Tutu Bose, General Secretary Anjan Mitra, Sailen Manna. The VIP row was honored by the presence of personalities like Russi Modi, Prasun Mukherjee, Chuni Goswami, Baichung Bhutia, Biswajit Bhattacharya etc. The under-15 players of Academy who will be going in a week's time to play in the final rounds of Manchester United Premier cup were facilitated by the senior players. On this occasion it was declared that the junior team would undergo a short yoga training under Baba Ramdev’s supervision. Balakrishnaji in his speech reiterated the importance of developing mental strength of the footballers and that can be achieved through meditation.

Then Hon. Governor Mr. Gopal Krishna Gandhi entered the club to grace the occasion. Everybody present there welcomed him putting their hands together. He was received on the stage by Padmashree Sailen Manna. Mr. Gandhi was in his mesmerizing touch of speech illuminating the glory of football adding football as a heart of all sports, particularly highlighting the success of Mohun Bagan. He said "Ho sakta hai cricket hamara shaan hain, lekin football hamara pran hai." He did congratulate the officials, the club members and the supporters for maintaining the glorious history over a period of time. On this auspicious occasion, biography of Dr. Sanmatha Dutta, “Jiboner Pata Sobuj Maroon” was published. It was the time when Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi launched the official website of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, www.mohunbaganac.com. This website has been prepared by the team of www.mohunbaganclub.com, the unofficial and fansite of Mohun Bagan club.

Umapati Kumar was given Mohun Bagan ratna posthumously. His son Mr. Biswanath Kumar received this. Chuni Goswami proposed the name of Dr. Sanmatha Dutta as Mohun Bagan ratna. The whole function was compered by Bratati Bandopadhyay who did her job with perfection with her elegant eloquent skill.

The final touch of this colourful evening came from the voice of Lopamudra Mitra, performing on the stage for around an hour and then Indranil Sen performed. The members and the guests were gathered in the club lawn to give their tongue to test the delicious dishes. The menu comprised of Paratha, Alurdom, Fish Fry, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Curry, Mango Chutney, Rajbhog and Ice-cream. The caterer was Bijoli Grill. The food was excellent and it was the perfect finale for the grand occasion. It was still raining outside, but it was not enough to resist the rain of emotion and passion that comes from the domain of heart with the fire crackers lightning the dark night. As the members left the ground, they will surely be eagerly awaiting for the same day next year.






28th July 2006
Mohun Bagan completely dominated the match and defeated Bhutan XI 5-1.  The first goal was scored in the 6th minute via Manas center from left which was headed home by Lalanpuia.  In 10th minute, Baichung scored the second goal off a terrific through pass by Lalan.  The third goal was in the 21st minute off a Satyajit corner. The corner was a gem off a corner and the ball was curling and going inside the goal and saved off the goalline by Bhutan defender but Gautam scored in rebound. Each half was of 35 minutes. In 5 minutes of second half, Subhash Chakraborty's center was deflected in by Ayan Chowdhury. Ayan scored his second goal in 10th minute off a glorious pass from Basudeb which Ayan pushed past opponent goalkeeper, a good opportunistic goal. Bagan conceded one late goal 10 minutes before end of play. At that time, Rabhanan and Maria was playing in stopper. It was a misunderstanding between the two stoppers and goalkeeper Imran Khan.

TEAM: Subrata Pal, Gautam Debnath, Dipak, Dulal, Manas, Chinmoy, Suman, Satyajit, Dipendu, Baichung, Lalanpuia. Extras: Imran, Basudeb, Subhash, Rabhanan, Bijay, Lolendra, Palash, Maria, Ayon.

7th JUne 2006






KOLKATA MAY 22, 2006: Mohun Bagan Athletic Club (U15) Football team today made India proud by winning the South East Asian Regional Final of the Manchester United Premier Cup (MUPC) in Bangkok, Thailand on May 21, 2006. The team had played against Singapore Academy in Final and defeated them 2-0 on Sunday.

The young and energetic Mohun Bagan team played brilliantly with Malsawm Zuala and Bapi Chowdhary scoring the goals against Singapore in the Finals. Malsawm was adjudged the most valuable player of the match in Final while David was adjudged the highest scorer of the tournament. The winning team comes back home with the Champions of the M.U.P.C. (SEA Regional Finals '06) trophy.

In August, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club will travel to England to play the global finals.

Earlier this year, MohUn Bagan Athletic Club (U-15) Football Team had emerged winners in the India round of the M.U.P.C. leg conducted by Nike in association with the AIFF and defeated East Bengal in the Finals.

Some of the moments from the ground:




                                                                          DAVID (HIGHEST SCORER WITH 6 GOALS)           


Captain of the Team                                                            Shyamal Banerjee (Coach)



1st April, 2006

The club officials are now eying to take a stride towards the modernization of football through the formation of Mohun Bagan Sports Research Foundation. The club officials and the executive committee members had a meeting yesterday to discuss the various issues of the project. At present, Mohun Bagan tent is situated in the Kolkata Maidan and the ground is jointly shared with Calcutta Football Club. Though in the mid phase of the national football league, Mohun Bagan had to manage themselves in the Central Park Ground because of the unavailability of the Mohun Bagan ground due to hockey practice.

This has been the story for the last several years. “We have only a single ground for practice and during the hockey season we have to leave the ground. But this is the peak time for the NFL and we have to make an alternative way to find the solution. That is why we decided to build a Sports Research Foundation which will accommodate several grounds, swimming pool, multigym, players hostel and many others facilities” said Mr. Anjan Mitra, the Hony. Secretary of the club. He also added that the northern part of the members stand will be reconstructed and will be named 1911 stand. The expense for the construction of that stand will be supported by the estate of Late Gour Sadhan Bose, father of Swapan Sadhan Bose. Meanwhile the club officials also decided to issue separate cards to get entry inside the players dressing room, as usually after any match day there is a huge commotion inside the dressing room with many unwanted persons in the dressing room. Indeed, all these decisions are praiseworthy. Congrats to the executive committee members.




27th March,  2006
Mohun Bagan U15 (Mohun Bagan SAIL football Academy) defeated Kingfisher East Bengal U15 to clinch the Manchester United Premier Cup 2006. The match ended in a sudden death where Anupam Saha, the Bagan goalkeeper made valiant saves to restrict the red and gold brigade with the runners trophy. After the regulation time of 40 minutes the score was 1-1. it was Abhijit Mondal who drew the first blood in the match for EB. After conceding the goal, the Mariners increased their pressure and in the second half they managed to get the much needed equaliser through the head of their captain Sanjay Boro. In the tie breaker, both the teams missed one chance each. In the sudden death, Mohun Bagan scored first and in the very next shot Anupam Saha saved it for the Bagans.

The last day of the tournament saw the presence of some renowned sports personalities like P.K. Banerjee, Md. Habib, Biswajit Bhattacharya, ex olympian Harjinder Singh, Subrata Dutta etc. were present.  Perhaps the most contradictory part of the show was the presence of Biswajit Bhattacharya and Jahar Das in the same stage.

Harjinder Singh presented the runners trophy to the East Bengal side.and it was P.K Banerjee's turn to give the Champions Trophy. Meanwhile, the JCT team was awarded for the Fair Play Trophy.

Some of the moments from the ground:

Some of the moments from the ground:




12th January 2006 : Mohunbagan will meet Mohammedan Sporting in the next match of the 10th NFL. The match is on
Saturday, 14th January 2006. Mariners are expected to field 3 foreigners from the beginning of the Saturday's match. Ibrahim will have to lead the frontline and he is expected to get support from Coffi. Coffi didn't have a very good day on Wednesday. Hence he's expected to take extra load in Saturday's game. Sanjeev Maria excelled in Wednesday's match but he should be cautious on Saturday. He was booked on Wednesday. His service is required in the next game (keeping in mind JCT  match could be postponed
and thus mariners would face East Bengal in the next game). At the same time he is expected to mark Patrick on Saturday.  Coach Jahar Das indicated that in the next game Mohun Bagan would have an aggressive game. He also  indicated that he was happy with the defense line. He was also pleased with Ibrahim's performance in the last game.

Mohun Bagan goalkeeper coach Pratap Ghosh was found happy with Subrata

Pal's performance against Mahindra. He indicated that Subrata will be under the bars against Mohammedan in the next match.  Ha would like to have friday's training session in floodlight in MohunBagan ground.
11th January, 2006 : Mariners held by Mahindra in the first match.  The crowd watched an excellent match in the floodlight today, as both the teams were engaged in an engrossing battle throughout the game.
The battle started much before the two teams met on the ground. Mahindra had quite a few players who played for Bagan earlier- and of course one of them was Barreto(as seen on the left).Barreto fails to sparkle as he was closely marked by Sanjeev Maria. In the 37th minute of the game he was very close when James Singh passed him the ball and he took a spectacular-left footer.But it was not his day. Rather, Subrata Pal a.k.a. Mishtu, who was having an astounding day, came to rescue and punched the ball out.

Subrata played very well today and was awarded the Man of the Match. Chirag , the co-sponsors of Bagan for NFL, awarded Subrata Rs. 5000 for his performance.Two more players were excellent - Sanjeev Maria and Du (as seen on the right). Yakubu and Barreto were really marked well by the duo.

Noel, Mehraj and Mehtab also performed well, but like premier league , Subhasish played well for first 60 minutes and then ran out of breath. Ibrahim tried his best to score as well after he replaced Sushil in the beginning of the second half. Coffi and Sushil will have to improve their performance. What is good is that the MB players seem to be fit physically and mentally.
Team :
Subrata,Du, Firoze,Sanjeev Maria, Noel,Mehraj(Basu 74 min), Tomba, Subhasish,Mehtab,Coffi(Dipendu 85 min), Sushil (Ibrahim 46 min)

11th January, 2006
Mohun Bagan will face Mahindra in their first match today in NFL. This will be quite a tough match as the opponent forward line is having Barreto and Yakubu. New recruit Agabessi and Ibrahim will likely be in the starting line up and Sushil Kumar and Dipendu might come in as replacement. The first team might be Subrata, Du, Firoz, Subhashish, Rajib Ahmed, Noel Wilson, Mehrajuddin, Tomba Singh, Mehtab, Coffi and Ibrahim.

The 20 players who have been signed for NFL are as follows: Goalkeeper: Imran, Subrata, Prashanta. Defender: Du, Firoz, Maria, Abhiraj, Manas, Subhashish, Dulal, Rajib. Midfield: Tomba, Noel, Mehraj, Mehtab, Dharamjit, Chinmoy, Manjit, Basudeb. Forward: Dipendu, Jerry, Sushil, Coffi, Ibrahim. Parte and Akum may be signed after they recover from their injury.

Chirag Computers, new co-sponsor for Mohun Bagan

B“Hriday jure Chirag jwaluk, Mohun Bagan songe thakuk”- it was the punch line for Chirag Computer, a Kolkata
based computer manufacturing company, who has become the co-sponsor of Mohun Bagan for the rest of this
season. While addressing the press fraternity today, Mr Kaustuv Roy, Chairman of Chirag has announced that
they are willing to become the main sponsor for the forthcoming season.

Mr Anjan Mitra was all praises for Chirag. He declared that its Mohun Bagan who first introduced the concept
of logo in jerseys in order to entice the sponsors. In 1989, MB used the logo of Power (a brand of Bata), and
it was the first time in Indian football history.

The agreement of 15 lacs was signed today at the press meet. Except NFL, if MB plays the Rovers Cup or any
exhibition match in the rest of the season they will wear Chirag’s logo in the jersey. The agreement has been made till May 31, 2006.

Also, they have announced that they will be gifting "laptop" to Man of the Tournament and Highest Scorer of NFL.



9th January, 2005
Ibrahim and Coffi signed for Mohun Bagan today. Ibrahim last played for Abahani Krirachakra in Bangladesh and he scored quite a few goals for his previous club.  NFL 2006 kicks off tomorrow. Mariners play their first match against Mahindra on January 11 at 7 pm.









5th January,  2006
Mohun Bagan will play a practice match tomorrow versus Port Trust, the match will start at 2.30 p.m. in Salt Lake Central Park ground. Tomorrow will be the last day of practice in Salt Lake as from Saturday practice will be held in Mohun Bagan ground. Saturday practice will be held in morning and then Sunday will be off. The clearance of Agabessi is expected to arrive in a day or two and then he will be playing as 2nd foreigner in NFL. Coach is satisfied with his performance. The 3rd foreigner is expected to arrive in a few days time from Bangladesh. He is a player from Ghana and he is the highest scorer in Bangladesh this year. Other than Sanjay Parte, the team is more or less fit and the team formation for the first match as it stands now will be 3-5-1-1 with Du, Firoz and Maria in defense and in the two flanks it will be Subhashish and Rajib and the 3 medios will be Tomba, Noel and Mehraj and Mehtab and Agabessi in forward.

Today, in MB ground, Veteran's clubs website was inaugurated, www.veteranssckol.com It was presented by www.mohunbaganclub.com and prepared by Trinanjan Sengupta, the chief editor of the website. After the renovation of the ground, the first match was held today in Veterans cup, the ground indeed looks great and Ground Secretary, Sadhin Mallick has done a great job in preparing the ground. He feels that the ground condition is so good that NFL matches can easily be held here.



In Dankuni book fair today, Du and Jahar Das visited the Dankuni MB Fans Club and G&M stall. Uttam Das was also present there and showed his jugglery with ball with much applause.

Chirag Computers will be the co-sponsor for Mohun Bagan, details will be declared on January 9 via press conference. In revised fixture, out of the 5 away matches, 4 will be Goa and 1 in Mumbai vs Air India. Thus, in return league there will be no away matches in Goa.

31st December  2005
Green and Maroon, A Group of Mohun Bagan Supporters, in Association with Dankuni Mohun Bagan Fans' Club has succesfully launched the stall at Dankuni Book Fare. The Stall was inaugurated by the Hon.Minister of West Bengal Government, Pratim Chatterjee. Local MLA, Hon.Bhakta Bhushan Pan was also there with the Hon.Minister. The Green and Maroon movement was not only praised by the two VIPs but they also asked other youths to join hands for such a noble sports-oriented movement. "Not only football and Mohun Bagan, movements like this will build the future of our nation" - Mr. Chatterjee said. Both the VIPs were presented with the Green and Maroon "Uttariya"s (Scarf) by the president of Dankuni Mohun Bagan Fans' Club Mr.Phalguni Mukherjee and the Secretary of the Dankuni Mohun Bagan Fans' Club Mr.Pinaki Ghosh. Green and Maroon Executive Committee member Mr.Gourab Goswami and Mr.Somnath Chattopadhyay were also present in the inauguration ceremony. The volunteers were having a tough time managing the rush of the huge crowd of Mohun Bagan fans even before the inauguration of the stall. This is the second year, when Green and Maroon is taking part in this book fare. From tomorrow, a quiz competition will be going on at the stall. Some of the Executive committee members, and officials are expected to visit the stall during the book fare. Last Year, Hn.General Secretary Mr.Anjan Kumar Mitra visited the pavillion.

24th December  2005
Mohun Bagan emerged winners of All Airlines Gold Cup held at Burnpur Stadium. In the final they defeated Mohammedan Sporting 1-0 by goal from Sushil Kumar Singh in the 70th minute. The goal came from a Rajib Ahmed free kick from the right which was very well nodded in by Sushil, which incidentally was his first touch of the match as he had just came in replacing Jerry. Except first 15 minutes of the match,  Mohun Bagan dominated the match throughout. Many chances were wasted and Mohammedan goalie Arindam Ghosh had a great match and it was because of him, that the margin could not be increased. He saved one piledriver shot from Mehraj from just outside the box and two more such shots from Akim and Jerry. Du missed one golden opportunity when he could not connect properly from a Jerry cross with the Arindam at his mercy; however, the easiest chance of the match was missed by Patrick. Subhashish and Palash was shown the red card on 10th minute. Arindam Ghosh was adjudged Man of the Final and Mehtab Hussain got Man of the Tournament award. Highest goal scorer award went to Patrick of Mohammedan.

Imran had a relatively easy match. Du and Firoz after a shaky start played quite well. Rajib Ahmed played quite well and Parte's absence was not felt. This proves that bench strength is much better this time compared to last few years. Noel had a okay match but he is nowhere near his form of last year, when he was leading the team from the front. Mehraj in first half was slow but in 2nd half played quite well. It is to be noted that two stars of Premier League victory Tomba and Dharamjit were not there and still there were no dearth of attack from midfield. Akim has improved a lot from his Fed Cup form but he still is not capable of playing as a single striker wearing green and maroon. Jerry played excellent football and he switched flanks and was attacking from both sides; however, for unknown reasons he, instead of Akim, was replaced by Sushil. Last but not least, the two stars of the match were Sanjib Maria and Mehtab Hussain. Both of them had a great match. Except for one occasion, Patrick could not beat Maria a single occasion throughout the match. Mehtab had a flawless match and the captain was leading the team from front quite successfully. One of his solo run from right beating 4-5 opponent players reminded us of the great Satyajit Chatterjee. This was a stage rehearsal for NFL and the camp for NFL will be held from December 27 to 31 in Durgapur and the first match of NFL 2006 will be held on 8th vs Mahindra, the venue has not yet been decided. Best of luck for the Mariners for this year's NFL.


17th December  2005
Agbessi Coffi of Benin, West Africa is all set to join Mohun Bagan as stated by club President Tutu Bose today in a press meet. He is an attacking midfielder and this year not only he played for World Cup qualifier (in the same group of Ivory Coast and Cameroon) but also represented Benin in Youth World Cup 2005 held in Holland. Born in December 5, 1985, height of 165 cm and weight of 65 kg, it seems he will be a much better replacement for Rodrigo.  He last played for Olympic Zawiya of Libya. He also scored a goal against Cameroon in WC qualifier. Another interesting fact is that he always plays with jersey No. 12. Below is the flag of Benin, a country whose rank is 115.



10th December  2005
Group A: Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, and Ecuador.  Group B: England, Paraguay, Sweden, and Trinidad and Tobago.  Group C: Argentina, Ivory Coast, Serbia and Montenegro, Holland.  Group D: Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal. Group E: Italy, Ghana, USA, Czech. Group F: Brazil, Croatia, Australia, Japan.  Group G: France, Switzerland, South Korea, Togo. Group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia.

Group A is relatively easy for Germany, though Poland is playing good and South American teams are unpredictable lot. It should be cakewalk for Germany to reach 2nd round along with Poland or Costa Rica. Match to look out for Germany vs Poland, June 14.
About Group B, one of our editor Mr. Sunit Maity from Belgium heard in an interview of England coach Eriksson that he seems quite happy, but it must be noted that England has not defeated Sweden in last 37 years. For Trinidad, they have quite a lot of players playing in English Premier League headed by Yorke. The group looks quite tough but still England and Sweden might just cruise through. Match to look out for: Sweden vs England June 20.
Group C is also quite tough with The game between Argentina and Holland on June 21. Ivory Coast with Drogba in the attacking force might cause some upsets. It Argentina and Holland can live up to their expectations, they should go through.

In group D, Portugal after Euro defeat is a steady side now and they are the favorites to lead the group though Mexico is a tough opponent. They will meet on June 21. Another interesting game might be Angola vs Portugal on June 11 as Angola was a Portugese colony earlier. Portugal and Mexico might top the group.
Group E is the group of death. Though it looks Italy is a strong contender to reach 2nd round, but according to latest FIFA ranking, Czech is ranked 5th and USA is ranked 14th in the world. The 4th team Ghana has really the potential to cause huge upset, they will have Eissen in midfield. Still Italy might reach 2nd round along with Czech. Match to look for: Italy vs Czech June 22.
Group F is relatively the easiest group. Brazil is surely to top the group and Croatia, Japan, and Asia favorite Japan will fight amongst themselves for the 2nd spot, though Japan might just cruise through. Match to look for: Brazil vs Japan June 22.
Group G though not as tough as E, but still is a very tough and tricky one. France no longer is the clear favorite. They are struggling. They will look to Henry to take them to next round. Swiss played great in the qualification and Togo and South Korea can cause upset. France and Swiss are favorites to reach 2nd round. Match to look for: France vs Swiss: June 13.
Group H is a relatively easy one for Spain and Ukraine though Tunisia might cause upset. It will be great to see Schevchenko in the World Cup. Match to look for: Ukraine vs Spain June 14.


6th December  2005
Jahar Das has been appointed the new coach of Mohun Bagan till this year's NFL after Amal Dutta resigned from the job earlier today. This was announced by the club secretary Mr. Anjan Mitra today. Pratap Ghosh has been appointed the Goalkeeping coach for the same period. A physical trainer will also join the coaching staff very soon.

Jahar Das was coaching the Mohun Bagan SAIL Football Academy when he was offerred the position to coach the Mariners. He has extensive coaching credentials like :
- Is the AFC 'A' License holder
- Was Coach of india under 14 & under 17, under his coaching india qualified for final round of AFC under-17 tourney
- Was in race for the coach of Indian seniors in september 2005

This is the biggest challenge in his coaching career yet and mohunbaganclub.com team wishes him all the luck and hopes that our club will excel under his coaching.


4th December  2005
Bayern Munich trounced Ever-Ready 5-1 to take home IFA Shield. Though Ever-Ready took the lead via Lalkamal goal but Bayern soon equalised via a costly mistake by Ever-Ready defender. 2nd half was a one-way traffic with Bayern increasing the score line at ease.

Meanwhile, MB has appointed Debasish Mukherjee as their goalkeeper coach.


2nd December, 2005
Subhash Bhowmick, an ex-Indian soccer star and coach of a popular Calcutta Club was arrested on 2nd December 2005 by CBI in Calcutta. It has been reported that he was arrested under section 7 of anti-corruption act, for taking bribe from a local businessman. CBI officials also said Bhowmick slapped an officer of the investigating agency while being taken into custody. CBI teams had also been sent to conduct raids at Bhowmick's three residences at Alipore, Belur and Bolpur. It should be reminded that though Bhowmick claimed himself as a 'professional coach', he was a supervisor in the anti-evasion wing of the Central Excise.

Bhowmick, who was in controversies for last two years because of
- openly bashing IFA and AIFF for their policies
- slapping fans and the club's supporters for their criticism
- marking fans and the club's supporters as "barking dogs"
- trying to manipulate the result of Derby matches with the help of 'supernatural power'
- commenting upon fate of rising goalies of other clubs
- commenting upon the local scribes as illiterate and ill-educated
- making a mockery of his resignations as the coach of the club

But at the same time he was very popular among his players and supporters. In November 2004, when 2 of his key players were arrested by West Bengal police for giving shelters to a criminal, and when their relatives and neighbours told the scribes that the criminal was given shelter because of him [later the statement was changed to point fingers to a minister], he stood beside the players and even carried food for them to the lock-ups.

He also took care of shaping up his players and was instrumental in providing the latest equipments in the gym, though there is an allegation that this led to a deficit of Rs. 2 Lakhs.

The football fraternity is shocked by this news and though his fate is not clear, the fraternity is expected to stand beside him, the way film stars stood beside an actor arrested for alleged underworld connections.


1st December  2005
The Executive members of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club met today at the club tent to decide on Subrata Pal issue and the current performance of the football team especially after two consecutive failure in Fed Cup and IFA Shield. The meeting was started at around 5 pm in the evening. After the meeting, Mr. Anjan Mitra, General Secretary of the club addressed the media. "For the first time in the history of Indian Football, a show cause letter has been issued on the basis of performance". Mr. Mitra also said that they were satisfied with Subrata Pal's answer and Pal has been asked to join practice from Tuesday, the day practice begins. The executive committee have also unanimously taken the decision to elect a goalkeeper coach (Debasish Mukherjee may be elected in this post) and a physical instructor who will assist Amal Dutta to function better.

They have also decided to withdraw from Durand Cup due to injury of 7 players and 4 players being in the Indian camp. Mr. Mitra said "Under these circumstances, we will not take any chance for playing the Durand Cup". He also added that even a big foreign recruit would not have been able to compensate the 11 players. Meanwhile, the executive committee had denied making any comment on Amal Dutta although they had a long discussion over the statement of Mr. Dutta that MB will not be able to perform well in Durand cup in post match conference after the match against Mohammedan Sporting. "The executive body will not be responsible for any comment made by any individual" said Mr. Debasish Dutta. Though not unanimously, but Amal Dutta has been given another chance to perform as coach of Mohun Bagan.

Basudeb Mandal who was injured in the last match due to a knee jerk is expected to return within a week as told to mohunbaganclub.com team.

Meanwhile in IFA Shield, Ever-Ready have caused a upset by beating East Bengal 2-1 via injury time goal by their foreign recruit Francis to reach Final of IFA Shield and they will meet winners of the match between Bayern Munich and Mohammedan Sporting  which will be held tomorrow at Yubabharati Krirangan.


24th November, 2005
Mariners are really focusing themselves for Sunday's all important match vs East Bengal. Though they have already defeated EB twice in Calcutta Premier League, but coach is seeing that players not become complacent before the match. Though they will not get the service of Mehraj, Mehtab, and Tomba but still they are not worried and players are saying that Team Mohun Bagan will play. Yao, the scorer of the goals in the last two matches, is also practicing very hard and has become a lot serious and knows that pressure will be on him from supporters to show his performance for a third time and this time he might be heavily man marked.


In the first match of the IFA Shield, Mohammedan today deservingly defeated  EB by 3-2. It was a well fought match which was more or less dominated by Mohammedan. Patrick was adjudged Man of the Match and EB defense had no clue of how to stop him. He scored one goal and paved the way for the remaining two. The best goal of the match though was scored by EB medio Chandan. The shot was taken from approximately 30 yards out of the box. For EB, Mike Okero was the best player. He really tried a lot but did not get much support from Sidney, who was off colour today. The turnout at today's match was not satisfactory, though a huge turnout is expected on Sunday's match.

23rd November  2005
Mohun Bagan defender Rajib Ahmed and George Telegraph's Lalakamal Bhaumik scored at 42' and 63' for Bengal U-21 team against AC Milan U-19 team. The Bengal team shows an outstanding performance today. Veteran Bazilian World Cupper and Coach of AC Milan U-19 Leonardo played in the first half, and shows some instances of his majical skills. AC Milan reduces the margine from penalty. Goalkeeper Subhashish Roychowdhury had a great match and coach of Junior AC Milan team praised him a lot. Brazilian Leonardo who represented Brazil in 1994 World Cup played for 38 minutes.

21st November, 2005
After return of players from Santosh Trophy, Mohun Bagan had their practice session today with almost complete strength. Keeping in mind the timing of the match versus East Bengal, the practice was held at 1 pm. Today's practice consisted of a session of hand ball, sprinting, shooting and heading practice, and lastly a match was held by dividing into two teams, which was unfortunately interrupted as during the practice letters and plane tickets of Mehraj and Mehtab arrived. Due to lack of time, they could not catch the flight and will reach Indian camp by tomorrow morning's flight and ticket of Tomba has not arrived yet and he will also join camp shortly. Mariners will miss the service of this 3 players in the coming IFA Shield. In another progress, Dipendu has been allowed to join practice by club officials after his case was send to FIFA for consult with proper medical papers.



4th October  2005
Sanjay Parte, the rising star of the season for Mohun Bagan, who represented India, has been brutally beaten by a traffic sergeant of Kolkata police. The signal turned green at Nonapukr crossing near Park Circus, Sanjay started his bike to cross the road, but suddenly the convoy of cars with the Hon.Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya came to the spot, and the Sergeant attacked Sanjay by accusing him that he tried to get into the convoy forcefully. First he slapped the National Footballer. Then Sanjay disclose his identity, and asked the Sergeant that if he has committed any mistake, then the Sergeant can take the fine from him. He knows the rules, since his father is a police too. But this self proclaimed super cop of Kolkata constantly beat him.
Sanjay is still down with a mental shock. Mohun Bagan coach Amal Dutta immediately called up Minister Subhash Chakraborty. Club's General Secretary, Anjan Kumar Mitra said that Mohun Bagan will not tolerate this kind of misbehave with it's footballers. Green and Maroon, A Group of Mohun Bagan Supporters and MohunBaganClub.com is also demand a strict and unbiased step from the state government. If this kind of misbehaves continues, then the footballers from other states and other countries will not be encouraged to come and play at Kolkata. And it actually leave a bad message for the Indian Football. We have our full faith on the State Government, and we believe that the Government will take some step to prevent these kind of incidents in the future.  

28th September  2005
Mohun Bagan recorded their 13th win today via Mehtab goal at the start of the 2nd half. As usual, Mohun Bagan dominated the match and could have increased their margin had Dipendu and Sushil not missed easy chances. Dipendu missed two very easy chances, once via head and at another instance could not push from goalline with only a defender to beat. Sushil also missed a easy chance. One half volley taken by Jerry off a Tomba cross hit the side post; however, EverReady played well for the last 20 minutes and they missed the easiest chance of the match just 5 minutes before the final whistle.
Subrata was confident as the last line of defense and did not make any mistake. Parte and Subhasish was superb. Subhashish, in particular, today played quite well and his overlapping skill is an asset for the team. Firoz and Du was good enough except one occasion when Mohun Bagan could have conceded a goal. Noel was off colour today and was replaced by Jerry. Dharamjit and Tomba proved once again that they have lot to give to Mohun Bagan this season. Mehtab tried a lot but was not at his best form today; however, he scored the goal keeping his head cool. Mehraj was excellent in midfield and as a blocker he is excelling himself. Sushil Kumar did not play well enough and he has not yet developed to play as a single striker yet. He was replaced by Dipendu who was nowhere near his form. He was not being able to reach anywhere to the ball which was supplied by others. Harvinder came as a late replacement for Jerry and did not have much to show his skill. Jerry was the only one who looked agile in the attacking force though quite surprisingly he did not get his place in the first time and was later replaced towards the end of the match. Overall, it was not so impressive performance by Mohun Bagan though they got 3 valuable points and just one match left vs Mohamedan Sporting, a win in which will ensure a all win record.  

25th  September  2005

Mohun Bagan won their first title of this year by defeating Tollygunge Agragrami 1-0 via a Sanjay Parte lob from about 40 yards, which was their 12th win in same number of matches. The match was fully dominated by the Mariners who got many opportunities to score; however Tollygunge started the match well when Mahesh Sarkar's shot hit the cross piece. After that it was one way traffic. As usual, Tomba and Dharamjit was using the flank to perfection and creating many opportunities. Yao missed two sitters once in each half. Dharamjit's well directed shot from about 30 yards beat goalkeeper and deflected off the post. Just after the goal was scored, Mehtab missed the chance of the match when a pass from Tomba found defenders napping and Mehtab got the goal in clear space inside the box with goalkeeper at his mercy; however, he shot directly at him.
The best movement of the match came via Yao whose well measured pass found overlapping Dulal in the clear whose center found Jerry 3 yards in front of goal but his push just went wide. Just before final whistle, Harvinder got a chance to register his name in the score sheet but could not convert. The goal came in the 25th minute. Overlapping Du gave the ball to Mehtab whose center saw Pralay Dutta, Tollygunge goalkeeper darting out and fisting the ball and Parte from about 40 yards pounced upon the opportunity and very cleverly lobbed the ball inside the goal. This is Parte's second goal this season and like the first, which was a right footer shot taken from an acute angle versus George, this was also a valiant effort.

About 40,000 spectators were present and atmosphere in gallery was electrifying with bands, abir, and last but not least a lobster was also present to glorify the occasion which was brought by Kaushik Roy, a big hearted supporter from Baguiati. Subrata did not have much to do in the match and had quite a peaceful time in the goal.  Parte, the best recruit of this season, as usual had a great match and was adjudged man of the match. His defensive quality as well as flair for attack is commendable. Dulal also had a great match as right back and was overlapping with pace. Du and Firoz also led the defense to perfection. As already told, Tomba and Dharamjit were also contenders for Man of the Match and they are playing so well that Basudeb's absence is not being felt so much. Captain Mehtab as attacking medio and Noel as defensive screen have become indispensable in the side. Yao though missed couple of chances and could not score but he paved the way for many attacks and gave some excellent passes to his colleagues. Sushil had a rather insipid match and in first half he attempted a back volley which just went out. As change, Jerry, Harvinder, and Dipendu tried hard but could not increase the margin. As for the young man of above 70 years old, veteran coach Amal Dutta has to be given credit for this title. His effort in the camp at Central Park ground has paid rich dividend and has proven once again that age is not the factor for coaching. Looking forward for more success this season.

Ending the report with two humming lines of "Ebong Biswarup"

Sune ja sune ja re khola rekhe kan, Sobuj Merun Pataka ar batashe tar gan

Chirokal relai ache thakbe Mohun Bagan, Chirokal Math kapiye khelbe Mohun Bagan


23rd September  2005
Mohun Bagan dominated the match and defeated George Telegraph by 1-0. They could have scored at least 6 goals with 2 penalties not given in their favour by the referee, first one was a push inside the box by Sumit on Sushil and the second was a clear trip well inside the box on Manjit which referee gave free kick outside the box. The all important goal came in the 6th minute via a Dharamjit free-kick which was headed home by Sushil Singh. Mohun Bagan missed a lot of chances to increase their margin. Sushil missed the easiest chance of the match when from a Tomba cross Sushil headed ball out with goalkeeper standing at his mercy. Another head by Jerry from Tomba's cross was just saved by George custodian who also saved a Subhashish long ranger in the first half. In second half, Sushil's push was saved by goalkeeper and on rebound Tomba's flick hit the post. Just before final whistle, Tomba's measured crossed just could not find Dipendu. Overall, it was one of the best matches of the Mariners this season. Subrata had a rather easy match. In defense as usual Parte and Subhasish were quite good and especially Subhasish today was overlapping much
more.Firoz and Mehraz was quite good and Du's absence was not felt. In midfield, Noel was quite good as defensive medio but was a bit slow today and he was replaced by Harvinder in the 2nd half who had a great game and one of his shot which went into goal was disallowed due to infringement.  Dharamjit and Tomba again had a great game and were using both flanks quite superbly and were sending measured crosses inside the box. Mehtab also played well but not upto his potential. In attacking force, Sushil and Jerry had a great match, especially Jerry's stupendous runs caught George defense napping and both of them were replaced by Manjit and Dipendu who tried but could not score. Mehraj will miss next match against Tollygunge as he received yellow card today and this is his 2nd booking. The match against Tollygunge will be played at Howrah Stadium on 25th September at 3 pm and win in that match will ensure Mariners the maiden title of Premier League, Kolkata.  

19th  September  2005
Still one day left for the official announcement at the club premises at 5:30 p.m. on 20th September 2005, but the jubilliant Anjan fans started celebration from the late afternoon of today. At the early hours, counting stopped due to some objection from the Balaram faction and from some of the independant candidates. But Anjan Mitra slowly make the difference after trhe couting started aroun 2 p.m.
For the booth number 13,14 and 15, Balaram Choudhury contested heavily, and Anjan Mitra was ahead sometimes with 5 votes, sometimes with 8 votes. But when the counting for the other booths started,
Anjan started taking steady leads. After counting of 2600 votes, Anjan Mitra confirmed a cushion of 263 votes lead. At the end of the counting, he finished with a 568 vote lead.
When asked about his feeling, Mr.Mitra, the exhausted man said with a smile of relief in his face - "The election is over, and today we are all Mohun Baganis. There are no Anjan Balarams there at Mohun Bagan. Together we will make a golden future in days to come". May be that is the most wanted outcome of the election. End of groupism, and we will celebrate all as Mohun Baganis, maintaining the century old tradition of the National Club of India.

18th  September  2005
At 6:30 p.m. Green and Maroon officials reported a turnout of around 80% voters for the election. It is amazing for such a day when a club is having it election with it's members. Galaxy of stars , starting from Ex-Players, Political Leaders, Entrepreneurs such as P.K.Banerjee, Prasun Banerjee, Sushobhan Chatterjee,Kamal Basu, Priyaranjan Dashmunshi etc cast their votes with the other members of the club. The members calmly waited for 3-4 hours outside the town hall to apply their democratic right for the national club.
"It's an wonderful experience for us, when we actually vote for our club" said Amitava Chatterjee, a senior citizen and an old member of the club. "I saw the Green and Maroon volunteers are doing their job extremely well. We should be thankful to them all" - he added. There was tension like a big derby. But on the other hand, it became a festival before the Durga Puja. Even Sania Mirza, the tennis sensation of the country has been faded out by this overwhelming turnout of voters in thousands in numbers. Even one media person expressed her view - "I have to cover Sania too, but I am not in a mood to move from here. I don't know what to do. It's so festive out here" .
"It's a great opportunity for us, since we are having the membership and voting for the first time" - said a lady member of the club. In the endless queue of voters, anybody can point out the ladies in huge numbers. Tutu Bose (Swapan Sadhan Bose) said "If any one want to be the member of the club, he must bring a lady with him to be a member.". Some jubilant young stars asked "What about us Tutu da? We are not married yet". The answer came with e typical Tutu style - "Girlfriends will also do".
On the other hand, Balaram Choudhury looked tensed. But some time after, he also joined the queue of voters with a light mood. After all, it is a festival. A festival of love. Love for the National Club. We do not know, who will win or who will loose. But today we already have a winner. The winner is the love and loyalty of the members and supporters for Mohun Bagan. Yet another time, they proved, Mohun Bagan is the ultimate word in Indian Sports. That is perhaps the greatest outcome of this historic day.

17th  September  2005
The elections will be held on Come-Collect-Cast basis. Mohun Bagan Athletic club is having this type of election for the first time. Earlier, the Elections were conducted through postal ballots. On September 18th, 2005 , the voting process will start at 9:00 a.m. in the morning . The venue is at the Town hall of Kolkata beside the Kolkata High Court. The process will continue till 6:00 p.m. at the evening.
The voters will have to stand in a queue to be verified for the first level of scrutiny. This scrutiny will verify that the voters are having proper identification documents with them or not. Along with the membership card of this year, the members required to produce a valid photo identity card such as Voter's ID Card / Pan Card / Driving License / Passport etc. They have to show the identity proof along with the membership card to the election officials present over there. The person without the required document has to leave the queue.
Then they will have to go for the second level scrutiny at the 1st floor of the Town Hall. There, the election officials will check the validity of the identity proof along with the membership card of the voter. If the there are no problems, the voter then can go inside bay area of the 1st floor of the town hall to collect the ballot paper. This level of scrutiny will be done with respect to the type of the membership. Which means, the memberships will be grouped as "Ordinary", "Life" and "Tennis" and by the membership numbers. For each group there will be separate desks to check. The officials will guide the voters to get their identity checked at the proper desk. For example the desks will be categorized as "Life - 200 to 399". That means the members, whose membership numbers falls between L-200 and L-399 will have to get their identity checked at this desk.
After collection of ballot papers, the voters will be guided to the booths (Total 30 in number) which are also grouped as the same manner as the 2nd level scrutiny desks. The voters then has to choose the desired candidates by putting a cross mark beside the names. They have to choose total of 20 candidates to make the final executive committee. The ballots will be collected just outside the booths in ballot boxes.
31st August 2005

Mohun Bagan recorded their 7th consecutive victory in a premier league match at Yubabharati Krirangan. They defeated Calcutta Port Trust 2-1 . Manjit Singh scored the first in the 67th minute and Yao doubled it in the 90th minute. Yao missed a shooter when the ball hit at the inner part of the post and returned back.Kartik Indu of Port scored the solitery goal at the 78th Minute from a corner. He was unmarked at the defense. This is the first goal in last seven matches where Mohun Bagan conceeded a goal.
30th  August  2005

by - Rahul Dev Burman of Green and Maroon
Today, our beloved Master Mosahi, Sri Anadi Ghosh expired after a cardiac arrest during the match agt MSC. The regular goers of the Club tent/gallery like myself, were very much familiar with " Master Mosahi". I came to his close during late 80s'. It was our regular activity to join gossip after the club match or if there was no match, then at about 5.30 pm at the member stand's south-end area. So, for the a long 16/17 years I was very much closely attached with him. Since he was also very close to the club officials, he often used to give me some important news of the club. Before the starting of the transfer, we always used to ask him what was the scoop news. He told and more or less he was correct. I also went to his residence in New Alipore area. He lived in Joitish Roy Road, near Hindustan Sweet. He was the retired head master of Sarada Institution a school of his locality. If you enter Jotish Roy Rd and come to Sarada Institution, ask the local people for his home, you will promptly reach there. I use to give him new diaries in every January, once I gave it after going his home also. Last I met him on the Mohunbagan Day on last 29th July at our club ground. I offered him a cup of tea, which he accepted. However, since I was in the E1 block and he was in the VIP stand on the day of MSC match, I did not hear about his heart attack during the match. Actually he used to be in much tension with the club's performance on the ground. So emotional he was! Always he took Jadavpur Purbachal Minibus to go to either club ground or Salt Lake Stadium. He was almost regular goer. A couple of year back I saw him disturbed with his daughter marriage, however the same was perfect in time. He was very popular among the members/supporters/club officials etc. He made so many new club members. He used to distribute tickets of important matches to his students/local people/supporters etc. I must go his residence to-day or tomorrow. To give permanent peace to the departed soul, our boys should snatch a grand victory on the 3rd Sept's derby. Since the boys are in good shape both in matches and mentally, they should do it this time. May his soul rest in peace.
VICTORY IN STYLE !  MB 2-0 Md.Sporting
28th August 2005

Mohun Bagan recorded their 6th consecutive victory in a premier league match at Yubabharati Krirangan. They defeated Md.Sporting 2-0 . Dharamjit Singh scored the first in the 73rd minute and Manjit Singh doubled it in the 89th minute. 1st half match was evenly poised though Mohun Bagan missed few easy chances with Dharamjit shot missing target with goalkeeper standing helplessly in 1st post. Yao was closely marked by Madhab Das, but he managed to turn in the box with his marker behind and take a right footed shot which went straight to goalkeeper. Tomba also took a left footed shot with a sudden turn that went just above the goal. Two shots taken by Mohammedan Sporting players just went wide. One was a Kabijit freekick which Raman Vijayan just could not contact and the other one was a Bijoy freekick which Subrata saved nicely. Dipendu had a rather insipid match and was substituted by Manjit Singh just on the stroke of halftime.
The 2nd half was a completely different story. It was one way traffic in favour of Mohun Bagan. Tomba and Sanjay Parte from the right and Dharamjit and Subhasish from the left were piling up attacks and wing play was at its best today. Then Harvinder came in place of Noel and the goal came in 73rd minute with a beautiful pass from Tomba which Dharamjit finished perfectly. Then Dharamjit returned favour and his excellent center from the right flank found Tomba whose head returned after deflecting from the post. Then in the 88th minute, a classic through pass by Yao found Manjit who recieved and went past one player and just lobbed it over goalkeeper to score Bagan's second goal.
Overall, it was great 2nd half and remarkable last 20 minutes at which time 2 more goals could have been scored. Subrata Pal was at his best but he received one yellow card and he has to be careful in the next match vs Port Trust which is scheduled on 31st August, which is incidentally Bagan's last match in 1st league after which they play the all important match vs East Bengal on 3rd September. Du and Firoz were quite good in the defense, Firoz just arriving yesterday before the match did not show any signs of lethargy. Parte and Subhasish was superb in both their overlapping and defensive skills, and it seems that after a long time Bagan has got two good side backs. Tomba and Dharamjit particularly showed more flair in the 2nd half and it seems that Tomba is recovering nicely from his injury. Noel was as usual good as defensive screen and towards the end of the match was replaced by Harvinder as coach thought of attacking more and removing the defensive screen as by that time it had become clear that Mohamedan lacks the thrust in their striking force. Mehtab played his role of attacking midfielder to perfection. In forward line, Dipendu tried hard and just at the start of the match he took a right foot which just missed the mark. Yao was heavily marked and was fouled badly but still played the whole match and showed his skill when few of his passes found his teammates in advantageous position and one such pass paved the way for the 2nd goal. Manjit and Harvinder as replacement are improving day by day and soon Mr. Dutta will find it hard whom to play in the first XI besides Yao. It has become clear that this time Mohun Bagan reserve bench is quite strong and players like Dulal, Jerry, Manitomba who has performed so well last year is finding it difficult to come in the team as everybody is giving their best for the team. In the next match versus Port, four players will have to be extra careful, Du, Mehtab, Subrata Pal, and Yao as they are already having 1 yellow cards against their name and if they get any card that day, they will surely miss THE match on 3rd. Overall, this was the best match of the national club of India this season. We are hoping to see more such dazzling football by Mohun Bagan this season.

25th  August  2005

The match started a few minutes late due to the heavy downpour. Mohun Bagan once again started with the lone striker strategy with Manjit Singh being little help to Togolese Yao Rodriguese Gley. Gley , however was heavily marked today by  Aloke Mukherjee's men . Gley managed to wriggle out of their grips on a number of occasions, but he didnt find any helping hand near by . Coach Amal Dutta then, substiuted Manjit Singh with Dipendu Biswas . Dipendu Biswas made a mark immediately after his insertion. He attempted a brave side volley of a Yao corss which narrowly missed the mark . However , just minutes into the 2nd half , Dipendu scored a fine goal off a Tomba Singh cross  his 192nd off  his cross . But then Amal Dutta replaced him with Basudeb Mondal and that was the end of the day for Mohun Bagan . Basu injured himself a few minutes later and was replaced . But by then , the nippy Ever Ready players had made the Salt Lake turf  their own land They were virtually everywhere , and had almost struck on  a few occasions , and luckily for the Mariners , their trusted custodian , Subrata Pal came to the rescue . Tomba Singh and Dharamjit Singh were really very much off colour today with both of them making ugly miss passes which was the main reason for Ever Readys dominance  during he last 20 minutes of the game. Mohun Bagan meet Mohammedan Sporting next on 28th August.
22nd August 2005

22nd August:New striker of Mohun Bagan, Yao Rodriguez striked twice today and helped his team to beat Tollygunge by 2-0. Mohun Bagan dominated the match. Manjit played besides Yao in the striking zone and in the second half was replaced by Harvinder who missed couple of great chances. Dharamjit had a wonderful match today, his one left foot strike from an acute angle hit the post and another strike just missed the goal by a whisker. Noel also played very well as a defensive blocker in the midfield with well support from Tomba. Basudeb is getting better day by day and today also he had a great game. In defense, Subashish and Parte was overlapping quite often and it seems that they have settled down very nicely with Mohun Bagan. Du and Satish also thwarted many Tollygunge attacks with ease. The first goal came of a pass from Du, which Rodriguez scored showing superb ball control. The second goal came after an offside trap by Tolly defenders misfired and it was a very easy chance for a striker of this caliber. The easiest chance of the day was missed by Harbinder who could not convert with the goal keeper in hand shaking distance.
18th  August  2005

During the last two years , Mohun Bagan was being outclassed by  East Bengal . Either they were consuming a goal in the dying moments or of some freaky moments or their forwards werent able to put up a decent show . But this time it was different . A new striking sensation in the form of Togolese - Yao Rodriguez Gley appeared to be the decisive factor for Mohun Bagan . The player has true class , has excellent ball control with which he made absolute mockery of the East Bengal defense . He has great striking ability by virtue of which he scored an excellent goal ( the only goal of the match ) . He has a fine off the ball sense by the help of which he almost netted a couple more .... In short , he perhaps is the right medicine for Mohun Bagans ailments .
Both the teams started off on a cautious note , with ace coach Amal Dutta employing a single striker strategy . However Yao showed his class in the 20th minute and scored a fine goal to put the Mariners atop . Then however Alvito and Sasthi Duley tried to take their reins in their hands with stealthy runs down the flanks . During that time , Noel Wilson , Tomba Singh and Dharamjit  were looking all at bay . Eduardo (Du) conceded a penalty for handling the ball which might have been costly had Dipankar (EB) not wasted the spot kick .
The second half was a real treat for the fans . The game was truly played at some great pace with referee Dave Roberts conducting the game like and excellent band master . The insertion of wily Basudeb Mondal inplace of Manjit Singh worked wonders for Bagan . Noel , Tomba and Du were back to their best ! Basu and Noel started a great distributing game with their magic passes . Tomba started his trademark down the wing runs , one of which ended at Yao's head , greatly parried away by Naseem Akhtar ; the other one found Dharamjit Singh who hit the post .
Bagan could have won with a margin of about 4-2 if they converted their chances properly .The match ended 1-0 for Bagan.          

The atmosphere at the stadium was superb . About 1,00,000 fans had assembled today . The twilight was beautified a thousand times by the Green & Maroon torches with the band-bugle-chanting from the Bagan fans , compared to the Necropolis like silence from the East Bengal gallery . It was a great day of football indeed . Referee Dave Roberts will surely be taking back great memories from this match !

17th August  2005

The only question at the Maidan today , be it at the National Club or the off-spring club , was Will Gley sign or not ? Tension increased as a team from MohunBaganClub.com reached the practice ground . The necessary papers were yet to arrive . About 200 odd supporters who had congregated today were whispering ... " Will the papers arrive in time " . At about 3:30 pm , one official commented that the AIFF will issue a special clearance for Yao which will arrive within an hour . Practice ended , but nothing arrived . Gen.Secretary Anjan Mitra with comrade Debashish Dutta arived to boost the morale of the team . Then one by one the players started leaving the ground . Du , while speaking to us , said - " Do you know if  Togo will play or not ? I am not sure " . Then Asst. Gen Secretary Balaram Choudhury and Shyamal Sen arrived and said that the papers have arrived and Gley will sign at the IFA office at 6:30 pm . The fans started shouting with glee and hugging each other . However the drama was yet to end .
Our efficientmohunbaganclub.COM team immediately arrived at the IFA office in no time . The story took a different turn over there . IFA official Prince( the only MB supporter at IFA) said that they had no news of papers arriving even at the AIFF ! Rumours and tension spread like wild fire . However at about 8:00 pm the Mohun Bagan officials arrived with the necessary papers and with the player . Gley submitted the token and signed in as the 2nd foreigner amidst cheers from about 50 supporters who gathered over there and a huge number of media men.mohunbaganclub.COM handed over a best wishes letter in french to Rodriguese . Gley pledged that he will try to score at least two goals and said in broken english that he his very happy to sign for Bagan.

           ( Gley with our Best Wishes Letter in French )
When contacted , Captain  Mehtab Hussien was elated at the news and said that this is a real boost . He promised to render all  his efforts to bring smile to the lips of all Bagan fans !

We , also had a chance to interview tomorrows referee - Dave Roberts . Roberts said in brief :
" I am really thrilled to officiate before 1,0,000 supporters . Ya , Its a big thing , a great occassion . Two really big teams . Its a great honour for me to officiate in a match where the National Club of India is playing . I heard it has a 119 year history . I have some background knowledge of both Mohun Bagan and East Bengal . I am looking forward for tomorrows match . "


6th  August  2005

Sanjay Parte scored at the 7th Minute of the second half for Mariners. Mohun Bagan won the second match and currently tops the league table. But it is just the beginning. Next match is with EB on 19th. Started the match with the slow pace, Mariners were taking control of the midfield. First half was a slow and steady football from both the sides. Mohun Bagan may be accused of playing too many squire passes among themselves. Sushil Kumar missed two golden oppertunities. In the second half, Mariners took the lead at 7th minute, where Sanjay Parte took a long ranger at the edge of the penalty box. Rest of the time, Mariners tried to posses the ball as much as they can. At the last moment, George got a good chance to equalize, but Subrata Pal saves the day for Mariners!
15th July 2005

15th July:The Supreme Court today ruled out any possibilities of the elections being postponed again . And thus the elections are on as scheduled on 18th September . One faction of the club had appealed to the Supreme Court to uphold the elections , and now this final hurdle being crossed , the elections are finally on !
8th  July  2005

Star Player - Noel Wilson will arrive at Kolkata  on  10th July i.e this Sunday . He  will join practice from Monday . He says that it is for the love of the MB fans that he is coming back to Mohun Bagan . He will be back to fulfill his promise to the Mohun Bagan fans and will go out all guns blazing for the fans . Speaking Exclusively tomohunbaganclub.Com , Noel however said that it hardly matter whether the coach Amal Dutta fields him or not . He is there to perform and will concentrate on his job. That's the way to go Noel ! Welcome Back !
Meanwhile another  star performer Eduardo Chacon has arrived today and will start practicing from Monday. He is currently putting up the  residence of the Asst. General Secretary of the club.
4th July 2005

Amal Dutta started the pre season conditioning camp at the Central Park Sports Complex at Salt Lake City. According to the most experienced coach of Kolkata, Mohun Bagan is going to accept Mexican style with skill and touch play.Heavy rain is interrupting the Practice for the day. Players stayed indoor as the heavy rain strikes Kolkata today. Coach was busy with physical excersizes. Lots of fans were present at the morning today to see the first day's practice.


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