Referee Pranjal Mukherjee was found pulling East Bengal right from the word go. East Bengal earned a penalty and a free kick – and both were gifted by the referee. While KEB got the benefit of Pranjal’s refereeing, Mohun Bagan was denied multiple fouls. Once Balwant was onside and was in scoring position when Pranjal felt he was offside.


It is not known if Pranjal got any under the table benefit but suspicions are there for the same.


Pranjal was able to cancel a clean goal for MB beside rejecting 2 corners.

Here is a minute by minute summary of Pranjal’s refereeing –


1′ Mehtab misbehaves. Pranjal ignores
3′ Mehtab has a nasty foul on Yusa, Pranjal ignores
10′ Again foul on Yusa, Pranjal ignores
11′ Logo play acting – Pranjal gives penalty. first goal scored
18′ Hand ball – penalty denied
20′ Nasty foul on Lal – no card shown. Not even verbal warning
25′ Khabra first fouls Dhanachandra. Dhanachandra then blocks Khabra. Free kick in favour of KEB
28′ Balwant in onside and only Avijit to beat. Offside given
33′ Again a nasty foul from Mehtab – no card shown
37′ Avijit touches his own player – foul given against MB
42′ Dhanachandra fouled, Pranjal ignores. Dhanachandra fouls Deepak. Pranjal gives foul in favour of KEB
43′ Ranty and Fatai on arial move- ball hits ranty and goes away. Foul given against Fatai. 2nd goal scored
48′ Yusa allows the ball to go out for a corner. Goal kick given. from the move of goal kick, 3rd goal scored
53′ Again a clear corner but goal kick awarded to KEB
54′ Balwant snatches the ball but foul in favour of Khabra
55′ Lobo play acting and Dhanachandra booked
69′ Mehtab nasty foul on Yusa- no card.
84′ Goal scored. Pranjal cancels for offside while Raju was on goal line