Mohun Bagan, like last six years, continues to be the victim of the refereeing (the other team that was victim of refereeing is Churchill Brothers)


Like last few years , this year too denial of clear penalties (against East Bengal), denial of clean goals (Mumbai FC and Bengaluru FC), international attempt to reduce Bagan players while opponents were let off with nasty fouls on Bagan players have been part of the Bagan matches. Sreekrishna, who denied Bagan a penalty against East Bengal was the one who cancelled a goal against Bengaluru FC citing “infringement” while it was clear Arindam play acted.


It seems there is a body which does not want Bagan to become champion. They kept Bagan coach away from the field last year , and ensured Bagan concede goal from penalty when an opponent player handles the ball, asks assistant coach for marching order in vital matches.

If cricket can have a clean up , why Supreme Court is not looking into football and have a clean up in Football as well?