Mohun Bagan officials had an Executive meeting today and deciced that Balaidas Chatterjee will be honoured with posthumous Mohun Bagan Ratna on 29th July, 2013. Balai Das Chatterjee was born on 10th March, 1900. He was from Dumurdaha area of Hooghly. In the year 1921 he joined Mohun Bagan. He donned Green-Maroon jersey till 1927. He retired from football in 1930, and continued to serve Mohun Bagan, including the responsibilities of the football secretary of the club.

The first ever Junior Mohun Bagan team was formed in 1944 under Balai Das.

He was the trainer of Indian Football Team in 1948 London Olympics. 

He was the mentor of players like legendary Mohun Bagani Chuni Goswami, Jiten Ghosh, Kajal Mukherjee and Sukumar Somajpati.  He went to various foreign trips including East Africa, Afganistan with Mohun Bagan team as manager.

Apart from football, he was fond of other sports as well. He introduced sports like Basball and Rugby in the Kolkata Maidan. He even coached Indian Boxing team in Helsinki Olympic.

We salute Balai Das Chatterjee for his enormous contribution for Mohun Bagan, for sports of India.



It was decided that

a) Odafa will remain as Captain of the Senior team for this season

b) Denson is the player of 2012-13

c) Mohun Bagan Day Coupn will be Rs. 1000 (Rs. 500 towards Development and Rs. 500 towards the Mohun Bagan Day programme)

d) The match of the ex-players ( Green team vs Maroon team) will take place in the club ground

e) Somlata and Srikanta Acharya will perform on 29th July.


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