Another iLeague season of shameless refereeing comes to an end. While Pranjal was found doing enough that help Aizaewl kill time and for critical movements give wrong fouls against Lajong, Tejas was at his best. Tejas, already found giving incorrect decisions that helped a specific club (that failed to win iLeague) was found giving marching order to Debjit marching order for reasons unknown to football fraternity. It is important that there should be a proper investigation done against him to see if he is associated in match fixing and have inappropriate assets. This can either be done by FIFA or by Government agencies that will ensure independent probe.


While Pranjal was found giving advantages to Aizawl for sure penalties, Tejas did well to cover CCFC players. Duffy was found bleeding but he didn’t bother to even verbally warn the CCFC player.


While Aizawl did well to have less draws than Bagan, there were these drawn matches where Bagan players were found deprived of worthy penalties or goals getting cancelled. The refereeing is going wrong against Bagan for years now, and this was the second consecutive year where the referees deprived Bagan from the iLeague title.