Mohun Bagan has been extremely lucky for the second consecutive game to secure three vital points.

Shilton Paul’s infamous poor judgement of ball was costly against Patha Chakra on the previous game where the minnows failed to score in the last moment.


Today, he showed that he has not improved, even after Sony Norde took his classes on how to take position during free kick. He was found pushing opponent player, which was definitely a card offense while taking position during an opposition free kick. He did not even move as the ball kissed the net.


In the 82nd min of the game he unnecessarily came out and missed to clear the ball twice in the same minute and that became costly.


He misjudged twice more in the game that did not see any Rainbow player nearby.


However Vagan played well in the second half considering they were down by 0-1 in the half time and ground condition was not good. Most of the players were inexperienced in playing football in Kolkata Maidan during rainy season, but took the challenge quite well.


Kingsley at times is going up too much, and can’t come down in a pace – this is becoming costly.


And one must talk about Mehtab and his experience. The way Mehtab led the midfield, the ex-Bagan captain gave a message, look for him if you want more goals to be scored by the strikers.