Referee Santosh tried his well. But he couldn’t score goals for East Bengal. And that is exactly where East Bengal lost.

While Bagan scored a brace, and Subhasish saved a few, Debjit and Anas did well to ensure Bagan remains unbeaten. And as Santosh gave enough advantages to EB, Mohun Bagan did what is needed to win. Score goals.


First it was Duffy who headed a Sony cross to second post , and then it was Balwant who placed to the left of Subhasish to score two important goals.


Mohun Bagan will now face Bengaluru FC intwo back to back matches. First in AFC and then in Federation Cup final.


However Bagan midfield that played percentage football today needs to improve in the final of Federation Cup to retain the trophy.

This was 361st Derby match, the first one ever played was way back in 1921,  the game ended in 0-0. A replay took place that Bagan won by 3-0 (Rabi Ganguly, P Dasgupta and Abhishek Ghosh were the scorers).

So far MB has won 116, EB 127 and 118 were drawn.

This Derby would be Mehtab Hussain’s last Derby match as at the beginning of the season he mentioned that he would retire on certain conditions, which were met.