A second half Dipanda Dicka goal ensured Bagan earn the much needed 3 points against Real Kashmir FC.

It was 69th minute when Dicka headed a cross from the left to the right of Bilal Khan, the Real Kashmir goalie for the only goal of the game. However there were series of misses by Bagan players in both halves of the game.

Bagan donned white away jersey while Real Kashmir was on Yellow. Kashmir tested Bagan in the very second minute, and the attack was foiled by Shilton Paul. However credit should go to Dalraj for covering Krizo.


In the 8th minute Aaron fouled Yuta and got booked.

In the 15th minute RKFC had another good move but they failed to convert it into a goal.

In 23rd minute Omar cross found Bilal before Henry and Dicka could reach for the ball. In 38th minute Bagan failed to score from a Mahata crossing.

In 42nd minute Henry freekick went wide.

In 58th minute Bagan defense did well to foil a Kashmir move. This was one time where Bagui was not found in his position.

In 65th minute Kingsley foiled another Kashmir move.

In 69th minute Henry cross from outside the box found Dicka header and Bagan was up 1-0.

In the 77th minute Henry missed the easiest chance as he failed to push the ball past Bilal in just 6 yards from the goal line.


Kashmir tried for an equaliser for next 15 minutes but failed.

Coach Shankarlal did well by not fielding Sony Norde. Bagan was cautious at the beginning, and for first 15 minutes slowed down the game to feel the pulse of Real Kashmir. Bagan then started opening up , with Omar on the left along with Henry while Mahata operating from right. Mahata was mostly playing defensive until he was replaced by William in the second half.


Yuta, who played as defensive screen before Dalraj and Kingsley had a gap with the strikers. Bagan was found playing mostly in the areal attack against the minnows , for whom this is the first iLeague.


Bilal did well in collecting balls inside Real Kashmir box, well assisted by Robertson and Loveday.

Ravanan, ex Bagan boy and iLeague veteran did well to cover Henry.

However Bagan defense did well to cover Krizo, and one player covered another one well. Even Bagui, who in this iLeague is in a very poor condition, did well today. He covered the defense on right. Dalraj played well in defense too.


Sourav Das created couple.of good opportunities and played an important role in the midfield.


Overall Bagan played well and secured much needed 3 points. However Yuta saw Yellow care unnecessarily in the dying moments. Yuta’s presence in all the remaining games will be vital.Dicka was replaced by D’Silva and William was later replaced by Ruidas.