Mohun Bagan seems to be the first victim of iLeague fixture. iLeague fixture was published late, and that ensured a football team with legality in doubt books the Salt Lake stadium ahead of Bagan. Since East Bengal was also scheduled for a home match, Bagan was forced to play in a ground that is unfitnl for quality football. Add to it, Churchill Borthers, who were once among the top teams of the country, was found wresting in the ground.


Result ? There are six Bagan players injured, three quite serious, one taken to hospital.


Add to it, when three players wer hit by CB players, referee was just 5 yards away and he didn’t even blow the whistle.


One wonders when will refereeing standard be improved, if at all, or AIFF is just happy with the current scenario!

Dicka scored two goals, one in each half and missed three , otherwise he should have got the first hattrick. He was selected as the man of the match.


Kromah, Sony and Faiaz scored a goal each. Incidentally all three.of them.missed three goals each, and all three of them were injured.


However critical was Yuta’s injury who got hurt in very early minutes of the game and was taken to the hospital.

Arijit and Shilton D’Silva were injured too.

Bagan defense did well , however Shilton Paul was found making lot of decision errors in the game. Coach needs to quickly be ready with a decond goalie.