1-0. This is what the history sheet will tell the future. What it will not tell is a series of misspasses , missed opportunities, four clear penalties denied, opponent’s play aftings and how referee bowed down to them.


The end result matters, and its a win for the mariners after a late first half goal from Kingsley from a Sony corner kick. And what matters is a happy set of supporters who saw a wonderful midfield, and perhaps for first time be happy for the coach’s right decision of replacing Yusa with Yuta. Yuta was creative, operating from the middle and controllee the game while the former , along with ex Bagan Edu were busynsupporting Gurwinder’s wresting.


Any quality referee would have given Gur a marching order, but no, not Krishna.


However Kromah needs help. He is messing up continuously in the attacking third. Today he messed up 4 opportunities, had them be utilized, Bagan could have scored half a dozen against the Kolkata team.

Defense was much better today, however  strikers will give some sleepless nights to the coach.