When the Arrows boys were leaving the ground, they got a standing ovation from the Bagan supporters.


This can sum up the game the youngstars played against Bagan in the prestigious Mohun Bagan ground. A Bagan supporter can definitely ask the Arrows to take a bow.


Meanwhile, Bagan, with absolutely zero creative midfield and sub zero qualitative striking zone, is struggling to remain in the title race. Time is running out for Bagan for sure. Kromah can’t be hidden in the closet any more. Dicka’s inability to become dangerous in the penalty area is becoming costly. Bagan indeed is missing game players and struggling a lot.


In the 8th minute Abhishek Das’s cross just needed Kromah’s spot jump. But , its Kromah after all , and the ball went for a throw in for Arrows.


Kromah, with a performance that recalls Muritala, Ibrahim or some others Bagan supporters would like to forget sooner, will perhaps remain as an asset, just for the opponents.

Dicka is playing safe football, perhaps instructed not to be injured in the team that already has 5 injuries, and the only thing he seems to do well is converting a penalty.


Raynier has an ability tongive back passes, perhaps soon we’ll see he will give backpass feom the opponent’s goal line.

With no effective central midfield, Bagan is struggling a lot and is playing on long crosses , and with Kromah and Dicka upfront these crosses are going in favour of opponent. Kromah alone missed 6 goals, of which three were within 6 yards.

In the 25th minute Nikhil Kadam was trapped and referee made no mistake in giving a penalty. Dicka converted the same. However , he had to take the penalty twice.


In 33rd minute Rahim Ali’s sprint past Kingshuk found Rahul who pushed the ball between Kingsley and Shilton. This show of Kingsley missing the cross is now of a practice every match. And of course no body expected Shilton to be on the right position to cover Rahul well.

In the second half Kromah, Dicka got Manandeep , Kingsley, D’Silva with them who continued to show goal misses.

Amarjit , who got a warning by committing a foul on Nikhil , got a marching order. It was a hursh decision , and perhaps referee was a bit strong in showing the Arrows captain a red card.


But the Arrows boys didwell and the 10 men team did enough to stop Bagan from scoring a second. He goalie was selected for MoM.


Bagan, which moved to 4-2-4 formation in search of a goal was actually in search of a Barreto, or even a Balwant.

With the current striking zone, Sanjay Sen and ge supporters would have more sleepless nights. Perhaps its time to field Azhar from the beginning, and Kromah can see the game from dug out.