Mohun Bagan will face Aizawl FC on 22nd April at 2PM IST. While Aizawl gets a week’s rest , Bagan will have to face Maziya (Maldives) on 19th April at 7 PM. In other words, if Bagan needs to continue its journey in AFC, they will have a set of tired footballers against the title decisive match against Aizawl. If Bagan focuses on fielding the best team against Aizawl, the international match would be compromised.


Bagan is representing Indian football. Why won’t AIFF consider the same and delay the Aizawl match by at least three days so that Bagan fields its best team in both Maziya and Aizawl games? Of AIFF’s focus is to ensure Bagan players are tired. Already poor refereeing impacted Bagan in the iLeague, followed by extremely poor infrastructure. Is the venue where Bagan played Minerva worth even a second division iLeague match? How come AIFF allowed such extremely poor ground for iLeague games that decide who will represent Indian football.