Mohun Bagan failed to secure 3 vital points that were necessary for the team to stay in the title race of the Kolkata Football League. The defending champion failed to score from some opportunities the team got in both halves. However Bagan did keep control over the game throughout the match and their football was quite entertaining.

Kibu Vicuña rightly opted for Gonzalez in the playing 11 with 5 midfielders and Suhair at the top. This was a welcome move and Bagan midfield kept control of the game right from the word Go.


With Ashutosh and Chullova as the two backs and Morante and Gurjinder in central defense, Gonzalez became a shield along with Sahil. This gave some space to Naorem, Beitia and Surabuddin.

Besides this frustrated East Bengal players who were busy hitting Bagan players rather than playing football.

In the 15th minute Morante header went wide. In the 19th minute Naorem failed to use an opportunity.  In 25th minute Ashutosh cross for Gonzalez was finally cleared by East Bengal defense. In 28th minute Chillova and Naorem created panic for East Bengal defense from left flank.


By that time Aidara was frustrated and sharted committing fouls on Bagan players, mostly on Beitia.

In 43rd minute Suhair got into the box but his hurried shot failed to get past East Bengal goalie.

Meanwhile, Bagan , deprived of a penalty when an East Bengal player committed a hald ball inside their penalty box , saw few more mistakes. Gonzalez was given offside when he was on side. Surabuddin was hit at his face and free kick given to East Bengal. With the refereeing quality known to all, Bagan fans were not surprised with these mistakes.

Gurjinder’s mistakes could have been dangerous at 57th minute, when the ball was snatched from him by Espada.

In the 60th minute Ashutosh cross found Suhair but again he hurriedly missed the chance.

It’s time coach gives more chances to Subha Ghosh. Coach is already appreciated by Bagan fans for establishing Sahil. Subha can be another star this season.


East Bengal got a real chance with Pintu through found Aidara but Debjit was able to foil the move in the 64th minute.

In 67th minute Gonzalez missed an opportunity from the cross by Surabuddin.

As expected East Bengal introduced Santos and Bidyasagar. It was not at all a surprised move and even people expected this move at the 70th minute, and it happened in 70th minute.

However Kibu was ready for this move, and so were the players. Kibu introduced Britto in 3 minutes. But by that time Santos play acting got Gonzalez a booking.

In 78th minute Abhishek fouled Jesuraj and expectedly did not get a booking. One who watches iLeague regularly have seen how Krishna is selective in booking players.

Bagan missed another chance in the dying moment when Jesuraj failed to control a ball and hit attempt when off target.

Beitia was picked up as MoM.