Mohun Bagan has lost 4 vital points in the first two games.


If the first game saw an own goal, the first goal of the second game was cleqrly from a defense faux pas as a shot got past Bagui , that he should have cleared.


Moreover , it seems Kingsley is unnecessarily committing fouls in danger zones that is becoming costly.

Mohun Bagan will play Arrows next on Saturday  10th Nov at Barabati Stadium.


Arrows is currently in 4th position of the league table with 1 win and 1 loss.


Bagan is at 7th position with two draws. In both the games Bagan missed series of opportunities.

Bagan will miss service of Mehtab Hussain who is recovering from injury.

Bagan’s  squad –


Shilton, Sankar, Abhishek, Kima, Kingsley, Arijit, Dalraj, Ranawade, Mahata, Yuta, Omar, D’Silva, Sourav, Sony, Dicka, Henry, Azhar, Ruidas