Imagine you love your parents (I am sure we all do that) and every now and then you fondly recall the sacrifices they have done to help you become what you are now. Then one fine day, an outsider, right off the bat, questions their roles in raising you up, leaving you completely flummoxed. What will be your reaction? Will you continue to remain tight-lipped or burst into anger? There’s no prize for making the correct guess, we suppose.

For millions of true-blue Mohun Bagan supporters around the world, something similar happened today, when one of the directors of ATK Mohun Bagan, and that too, in a free and easy manner, uttered something like this: “Mohun Bagan, never in their rich history, managed to take part in the prestigious AFC Cup competition. Let’s say that they didn’t get such an opportunity to do so. It’s all happening because of ATK Mohun Bagan. Let’s be honest about it.”

We, on behalf of every Mohun Bagan supporter, ask this to Utsav Parekh and all the other directors – what talent does it take for someone to make such a reckless remark? Where does this excessive narcissism stem from when everyone is exactly aware of how many times Mohun Bagan (and not ATK Mohun Bagan) did take part in the AFC Cup? Furthermore, now that the press statements have arrived in no time to brush everything under the carpet, we also want to ask – what is the guarantee that such a faux pax will never be committed in the near future to rub salt in our already gaping wounds?

We condemn this and demand an apology from Utsav Parekh himself. We will not settle with anything less than that.