Mohun Bagan had lost two group matches against Bengaluru FC and Maziya and were virtually out of AFC. Hence Team Management decided to send the second team to Maldives to play the away game against Maziya.


Eventually this was first opportunity for Pawan Kumar, and he failed miserably to put forward his case. With the current situation of Sivin Raj and Shilton Paul, Bagan needs a second goal keeper to back up Debjit, and Pawan’s performance raises serious eyebrows as how he was selected in 30 members iLeague team! There were 7 attempts from Maziya, 4 of the went past Pawan, he blocked one , a sixth hit his boots and went out and for another one he attempted on opposition’s boots instead of the ball leading to a penalty.


Not only Pawan, Kean, Kingshuk were equally bad in the game and seem to be lost from the game. Same goes for Souvik Ghosh.


Jeje tried his best, however did not get much assist. Besides two of his attempts were saved on the goal line. Maziya goalie did well tonsave few more goals.


Yusa got injured and was replaced by Azhar who didn’t do much in the game as well. Souvik Chakraborty and Bikramjit senior were outsmarted in the midfield.