Mohun Bagan conceded 6 goals today at the AFC Cup Inter-Zonal Semifinal against FC Nasaf today.

Mohun Bagan’s arrogant coach, he failed to give Mohun Bagan any trophy so far, decided to not to play any match before the all important AFC Cup Inter-Zonal semifinal. He had fielded two players, including Finnish midfielder Joni Kauko.


The arrogant coach, who continued to hurt Mohun Bagan supporters and disrespected the Institution from time to time did not field a genuine stopper. Carl McHugh played at the best of his ability, but with a player like Pritam Kotal playing next to you , the pressure goes up 5 times.


The arrogant coach decided not to have any match practice, and it is understood that he tried to shield his players from the pandemic situation the world is going through currently. But his arrogance is unacceptable as that has costed Mohun Bagan a lot. The decision of not playing in prestigious tournaments backfired as that could rather have helped the team to be more organized.


With this coach in charge, there is little ray of hope for the fans and members of the prestigious club on coming back to the path of success. The arrogant coach is fortunate that his bosses don’t understand football, and rather believe in establishing a brand they can sell in future using Mohun Bagan’s name.