Situation 1 – Dipendu fouled on the left flank in the first half near the box , referee gives advantage.


Situation 2- Lajon player play acts, Kingsley booked.


Situation 3 – Dicka fouled , referee gives advantage in the first half


Situation 4 – Faiaz fouled, referee ignores, this is again in the first half


Situation 5- Second half, Lajong player clear offside , referee gives advantage to Lajong.


Situation 6- Lajong player tries to dribble past Kingsley, collides and play acts, Kingsley gets marching order


Situauon 7- Lajong player taking eternal time to leave the ground during sibstitution, Raynier asks the player to leave early, the player actually hits Raynier. Referee intervenes, no card shown.


Situation 8- Faiaz fouled inside penalty area , no penalty


Situation 9- Nikhil fouled inside penalty area, no penalty.


Situation 10- Onside Faiaz given offside in danger zone.


Only right decision was the penalty, indeed it was. Remaining time, it was referee playing against Bagan.


However, Bagan with 9 indians and Dicka against such referee and spirited Lajong tried and tried to score.


But Bagan players need to understand that these refereeings will be there through out the tournament. If they need to win iLeague, they need to keep on scoring goals.