It’s very simple.


Three steps.


a) Double mark Beitia

b) Don’t allow Salva in air (it’s Ok to allow him with ball in the ground – he can’t score)

c) Fast counter attack down the middle


These three strategies are enough to win against Mohun Bagan.Team after team is taking this strategy and Bagan is losing.


Latest in the game is Young Elephant FC. In fact they were unlucky twice, once the ball hit the cross piece,and second time the player failed to reach the far post.


Mohun Bagan started with Bagui on right, a questionable decision, and both Fran and Sahil in the middle makes it sure that if you stop Beitia , ball won:t reach the attacking third.

And then Bagan will try to cross balls for Salva, just stop the aerial movement.

Colinas scored in the 18th minute, but then he was found defending Bagan as the central midfield and defense collapsed because of counter attacks.


Moreover, series of misspasses , unknown game from Gurjinder, defensive inabilities of both Bagui and Gurjinder and lack of defensive skills from Beitia made sure Bagan does not get full 3 points.


Bagan conceded a goal when Beitia misjudged a ball and Cyrus who for unknow reasons moves towards left flank could not clear the ball.


Colinas earned a penalty- and Youngs were reduced to 10 men. Beitia was found asking coach’s permission to take the spot kick, a clear lack of confidence.


His shot was saved and an immediate counter attack was enough for the Elephants to secure three points.