Mohun Bagan once again wasted two vital points just because they messed up in the final third. A series of wasted opportunities (the count ia 6 in the second half) led Bagan to end up a 1-1 draw with Shillong Lajong FC. SLFC actually played very positively until they got the lead in the first half. It was inevitable that Bagan would concede a goal any moment. With Pranoy not in field, Sarthak and Dhanachandra acting as lost kids in a Mela, Bikramjit unsure of what he is supposed to do, Lajong had quite a few chances in the first half. The goal was scored from a corner that was gifted by Bagan boys.

Glen tried to move a lot but Lajong did a good job to cover him. Sony was more of a target, nasty fouls were committed on him in the first half.

In the second half Kean was replaced by Souvik and later Glen with Balwant. Souvik operated from middle and Balwant started creating panic in Lajong box. This continued until Jeje scored brilliantly. After they conceded the goal Lajong became prodefensive and played for a draw. Bagan failed to break the jinx as a series pf wasted opportunoties took place. Lajong goalie messed up during this session for few times , it seemed a shadow of Shilton Pal is present in him.


Jeje was adjudged MoM. Sony could have been selected as well.


Coach should consider resting Dhanachandra. Perhaps moving Kinshuk to left, Raju in the middle and bringing back Pritam in the right can consolodate the defence. Balwant and Jeje should play together more often.