Mohun Bagan comes back to winning track after a series of draws and a loss as they pip holders Aizawl FC by 2-0.

Both the goals were scored in the second half, the first being an own goal by defender Saighani in 53rd min, while Dicka scored a field goal in 75th minute.


There were series of misses, like last 5 games, and hitting the bar by Bagan boys. Kromah’s holding the ball and miss passes are at times becoming costly.


Faiaz had been supplying the ball to the forwards like other games (unlile criticism that the forwards not getting balls) and he remains the most consistent player of the team.


Watson led the tea in the middle, though not by ball distribution, rather by being vocal, but that worked. He seems to be 80% fit, and was seen out of breath at the dying moments.

Shilton’s gallery shows are back, that would become costly. However the defense was alert and hence there was not much of a damage.

There was a change in Bagan’s game plan today, even central defenders were found going to middle third that made the central midfield work. Whenever a central defender moved up, Watson was found filling up the gap.


Overall, forward line keeps on sleepless night, but let us enjoy the much awaited win.