7th minute of the game, a move from the right, Rana jumps in he air and misses it. Dicka kept watching as the ball goes past him.


That perhaps sums it up well. Dicka kept watching a Bagan goes down 1-2 againat Chennai. One will have to search google to see when he scored a field goal for Bagan.

Shilton Paul is back in the squad as first goalie from day 1. Lucky Bagan , we are not fighting relegation yet, a phenomenon one sees each time Shilton remains in the first swuad of the prestigious iLeague. Today, he didn’t even try to fist the shots which any goalie should have attempted. One wonders for how long he will don the Bagan jersey.

With zero distribution quality, Bagan might be struggling to relegation zone soon , and the damage is done already and is irrepressible… Bagan seems to be out of iLeague race.


Supporters were found shouting against Sanjay Sen. It will be interesting to see who replaces him.if he puts down his papers. With Shilton at the goal and Dicka upfront, and the current central midfield, relegation fight is just games away.