Mohun Bagan club and various fans across the nation celebrated Mohun Bagan Day to commemorate the IFA shield win of the team in 1911 on 29th July.

Mohun Bagan club has honoured Pradip Choudhury as Mohun Bagan Ratna. Pradip Choudhury mentioned in a short speech how he became popular after moving from Bombay to Calcutta.


Shilton Paul was given best footballer award while Sudip Chatterjee was selected as best Cricketer for the last season.


Sourav Das and Rahim Ali received special awards as well.

An initiative was taken to give ” Gold Cards” to ex players. This card will ensure the ex-player gets a during Mohun Bagan’s matches.


Meanwhile the members and crowd cheered when they say Debasish Dutta helping Anjan Mitra get into the ground. The supporters and members expect end of the melodrama sooner than later.