– A fan site, was established in 2003. The site had been providing news, scores and updates related to Mohun Bagan to viewers since 2003. Since inception, we never claimed ‘official status’, and proudly have been, and always will be a Fan site for our beloved Mohun Bagan. Needless to say, this is a completely non profit based site, being run solely out of the love for the Club.

In fact from time to time we shared opinions of fans, some of them being members of the National Club.

In the recently concluded match again Aizawal, we inadvertently, missed on updating the score line after the game. We take full responsibility of the error committed. We must be more careful in future.

However , it is to be noted, that some of us did create and maintain the official site for Mohun Bagan for a few years. The site too was built, and run without any monetary support from the officials . We were however, were forced to give up the official site and the domain name due to the vested interest of a few individuals .. we succumbed to things that were not in our control;

Lesson Learnt. We shall be more diligent, and we’ll continue to keep the fan site updated, without bowing down to any official or sycophant.

– From the Admin’s Desk