It is an open letter to IFA Hon. Secretary Shri Utpal Ganguly by a Mohun Bagan fan regarding Tolgay Ozbey issue.

Mr. Utpal Ganguly
Hony. Secretary
Indian Football Associtation
West Bengal.

Ref: Transfer imbroglio of Tolgay Ozbey for 2012-13.

Dear Sir,

Let me first wake you up from self imposed slumber . Sir, your are heading an organisation founded in 1893 . It is the oldest FA in India. Now it administers football of West Bengal unlke its name. But, prior to formation of AIFF, in 1937, it was , de facto, in control of total Indian football.

Of late, your actions were awfully weighing down the reputation of this esteemed association. As may be borne out by the facts , wrt the above referred issue, briefly stated below:

A transfer dispute(details need no repetition) between Togay and KEB was referred to you by both of themfor adjudication, as parent body. KEB also knocked the door of Hon’ble Court , which alluded to their No Confidence on you. While Tolgay was totally reliant on you and limited his communications within football authorities .

After procrastinating inordinately on various excuses, you arranged a meeting between Tolgay and KEB inpresence of your observer. In last moment KEB backed out on flimsy ground .  Clearly showing their defiance and vindictive attitude .

But you ignored and formed a ‘Core Committee’ with time bound single agendum .  Consequently the said committee pronounced the follwingon 23/7/2012 for compliance within72 hrs:

1. Tolgay belongs to KEB .
2. Tolgay will have to shell out hefty cumulative fine of Rs 15 lacs and a letter of apology to seek release from KEB.
3. Requested KEB to return his Token.

Tolgay gave his consent within the prescribed time. But KEB showed utter disregard again and flouted no. of deadlines.

Even then you not only remained unmoved but effusive in your praise towards KEB. Wherefrom
you imported those superlatives were best known to you.

However,eventually on 14/8/2012 KEB, true to their wont, without attaching any importance , whatsoever, to your request haughtily stated…quote … The club desirious of availing the services of Tolgay will have to write to us for his release…unquote.

Will you still remain MUTE SPECTATOR and maitain your LOPSIDED STANCE to just ask both KEB and MMB(who threatened to pull out of KFL) to reconsider their respective decisitons? Or sort itout as warranted by its merit without any fear and favour?

Time will answer. Football is crying hoarse for your rational stand.

Else whole football fraternity of India will look at you with unconcealed disdain.


yours faithfully


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