Bagan went down 0-1. In Kolkata in the round 8 encounter Bagan face another defeat against local outfit Chirag United. Joshimer strikes for Chirag from a counter attack in the 81st minute of the match. Rahul Kumar and Jayanta Sen were booked. Diamondstar played in the first and nothing was remarkable about him. Barreto came to field in the 2nd half but nothing changed the fortune of Bagan. Man of the match was adjudged Ex-mariners Lal Kamal Bhowmick.

It took us almost a day to think how to describe yesterday’s outcome. We have been following Facebook to Twitter, Orkut to yahoogroup mail. More we browse more we get frustrated. It’s just not a bad day in office, just not a bad luck and neither a moment to blame TD and coach. Rather it’s the time to admit that the squad, as a whole, is to at par with most of the participating teams in iLeague this year. Till a few weeks back, our main worries were our defensive combination. Now our striking force is also exposed. The green and maroon brigade is fading fast. Unfortunate but let’s acknowledge the reality first. What’s going wrong with the team which has managed to reach final of this year’s Federation Cup and to finish as second best in Kolkata Premier League? Or is it just a syndrome like Chelsea or Liverpool that has been gripping our team?
The answer is not known to the supporters and fans. Neither the newly appointed TD nor coach has any clue for an antidote. What about the Club Officials and Players’ Recruitment Panel of the Club? We don’t have the access to get any feedback from them. Let’s only hope that the sponsors would definitely think about the return on their investment and would make appropriate judgment on their own term.

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