Remember the “High altitude” controversy of the Bolivia – Argentina match where Bolivia routed Argentina 6-1 ? The South American Associations were outraged. FIFA now wants an opinion from selective football teams all over the world. And Mohun Bagan is going to be a part of it. has learnt that  FIFA has approached Mohun Bagan and Chirag United to have football matches at moderate and high altitudes to understand the likelihood of sea-level teams winning at home against the same opponents who have descended from altitude. The clubs will play in Kolkata (August 3rd) and in Leh, Kashmir (11th August). 


FIFA are to rule, on medical grounds, that whether international football matches can take place above the altitude of 2500 meters. One can understand the desire to protect the health and wellbeing of the athletes, but with this ruling, the common feeling is, where does it all end? First altitude, then rain, heat or humidity?

FIFA will impose a new law based upon the findings.


Meanwhile Mohun Bagan has written a letter to the Hon. President of AFC. The Club has suggested that

1. emphasis should be given on Youth Development

2. affiliated units must have residential Football Academies and youth teams  and AIFF must bear 50% of the expenses for the same.

3. Regular training and development of Referees, coaches and Administrators must happen

4. AFC must monitor fund utilization of AIFF


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