Poor start of the mariners cost 3 valuable points in their opening match in ONGC I-League against Mumbai FC at Barasat Stadium. Mohun Bagan and India captain Baichung Bhutia has asked the team members not to criticize each other in the dressing room after the game is over. Hence, the team will stay away from the ‘autopsy’ on Saturday, after a stunning loss to Mumbai FC by 1-2. The first question in the mind of supporters , fans and members would be very simple ‘what just happened?’

The second ‘And will it show up in other matches as well?’ The i-League has just started and Bagan is already in the lower half after they lost to Mumbai FC 1-2. Mumbai FC scored two goals in first 25 mins while PC Lalawmpuia reduced the margin in the second half. Baichung Bhutia and Jose Barreto missed few opportunities , while Bagan was deprived of a penalty when a Mumbai FC defender handled the ball inside the penalty box. Ex-Bagan Kalyan Chaubey , Sanjay Parte, Subhash Chakraborty played pretty well while the TFA boys and the Bagandefense were far from their best.

After winning the Premier League, the mainers are in the jeopardy of losing 3 points in the home match. One can only hope that the team will turn the table around and will be back in to the winning spree. The blocking long throws-in , feeble shots inside the penalty area, lack of central midfield, slow movements of Baichung and Barreto, misunderstanding within the defenders, and a goalkeeper who was found limping from the 5th minute of the match – all contributed to the poor show.  One can hope Bagan defense will improve from the next match and Shilton should be able to judge the ball well. One also hopes that there will be some movements in the central midfield.

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