Even after 36hrs since the Mariners lost yet another crown, millions of fans have still not recovered from the state of shock and awe. Despite unquestionable solidarity with the Club, all the fans, followers and well-wishers would like to ask perhaps one common question – how long do we need to fight with our patience before the new dawn sets in the horizon of Mohun Bagan lawn?

Win and loss are parts and parcel of any game. Since the inception in 1889; we, the Mariners, always take pride in standing united with every triumph and slump with the Club. Our pride and integrity as ‘Mariners’ will remain the same even after loosing consecutive three times in a row against our arch rival in this season, even after pretty ordinary performance by our team in current season and even after realizing various loopholes in team formation and team strategy.

mohunbaganclub.com – the premier fan site of the National Club of India believes that co-existence of three distinct yet vibrant functions for more than a century have made Mohun Bagan Club an institution of national repute. Squad with superior skills and talents; dynamic and efficient club management and thousands of members, supporters and well wishers across the globe are the three functions. Being a fan site, our exposure is limited to the sentiments of the fans and supporters. We don’t have the direct access to other two functions of the club. Going by the fans’ perception, it’s hard time for us to accept the fact that all are not going well for us. Going by the team performance as the yard stick, we share the united view with millions of Mariners across the globe that we have not been doing justice to our reputation in recent past.
For the fans, it’s a tough time to wait for 8 long years to see the coveted iLeague crown in our club tent, to see our team looking clueless against our arch rivals, to see a fragile defense succumb every now and then even against non reputed local city football clubs.
After the Black Friday, the fans and supporters are in gauged mood as irritation of non performance of the team grips in.
Having said all the facts and realities, we would like to share one ‘open letter’ written by a die hard fan addressing to our club administration and sent us electronically. This letter represents the sheer frustration and irritation that have been growing amongst the millions of common fans and supporters whose heart belong to the National Club of India but might not have the access to convey their sentiment to the squad members and the club administration.
An open letter by a Mohun Bagan supporter —–
Respected Club Administrators,

1) First let me congratulate you all for selecting a tremendous team this season which is capable of winning all the trophies (although actually nothing has come in, given the fact that the "OTHER" club already has 3 and looks like making a clean sweep)

2) Thanks a lot for selecting precious a diamond (Diamondstar) someone who had to be hidden away off the field and on it was only a cause of sheer embarrassment for us. Your judgment makes us glow with pride. To add insult to injury, you then hire a coach whose team was relegated last season and also has the ignominy of conceding the maximum number of goals, although it is a different matter that they thrashed us by a double brace in our home. Oh I got it, you want to recruit only those coaches who have been able to defeat our star spangled team.

3) While others can put Robin Singh on the ground, we have a Shorab or kamar ud-din. Why are our boys languishing in AIFF XI when Robin Singh is out. You dazzling efficiency make us proud once more.

4) I also humbly grovel in delight at the world class defense that you have recruited. Only one question is the club paying them, or are they paying the club to wear our colors?

5) The only things you can do is to create some controversy and keep yourselves in the limelight. Do remember that it is the club that has made each and every one of you, you haven’t made the club. Without the shelter of our club, you are no better than the beggar who sits on the opposite sidewalk of our club. You blame the referee and the tie breaker, now…WHAT? You are miles away from the culture of our club. We do not protest, we do not run away, we play and win on the field. But you wouldn’t know that, you are running the club for your own end, not for the love of the club, but the status and prestige it brings to you. The founding fathers would be turning in their graves at the look of you.

6) What happened to the Baichung issue? Our club put up some idiot as its lawyer and got white washed. Could our club not afford a decent lawyer? Why did the officials not declare that, we could have put up someone whose really good and won the case. We had the advantage, but we let go simply because of our inept, corrupt and self serving officials, basically, YOU.


Keeping all the above points in mind I am giving you a few suggestions, for the betterment of yourself and thereby also of the club

a) You will not stop taking kick-backs in player recruitment, so I suggest you guys fix a ceiling and stick to it. That way, we will have the scope of getting at least a few good players.

b) The coach should know coaching, and should not be an expert in shoe-shining only. He should be able to understand that this is football we are talking about, yes, the one that he stitches, but what to do with it is a different ball-game to how it is made.

c) Finally, stop making excuses, and read the dictionary meaning of RESIGNATION. The whole bunch should just resign.

Thnx & regards,
A proud Mohun Bagan Supporter

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