After the impressive wins in the iLeague , 10 matches in a row, and becoming a title contender, we thought we’ll end up with the i-League title. But to our surprise, we lost 0-3 against Kingfisher East Bengal, and then 1-3 against Churchill Brothers. 6 vital points gone – and we are now trailing into the third spot! I wonder want went wrong? Moreover – Sporting clube got 3 vital points after beating Dempo 2-1

Mohun Bagan took the lead against Churchill Brothers in the game. But then Sangram made an error in judgment and Odafe headed the ball in, the whole defence was standing and watching Odafe scoring the goal. This is not at all expected from such an experienced defence line up and goalkeeper. Sangram played so well up to that point and made many brilliant saves but somehow conceded this goal. We practise these situations a lot during the training sessions. Then why is Sangram making mistakes? His judgements, or the lack of it, is becoming costly – all of a sudden, and we conceded 6 goals in two matches – particularly when it is utmost important to earn points. We know that in 6 yards box, goalkeeper is the king and so he should have comfortably got hold of the ball. In 2nd half, when the 2nd goal was scored, Kalu made a solo run down the middle and Lalkamal and Manju failed to cover him and fell to ground and Kalu easily pushed the ball from Odafe’s pass and scored the goal with hardly any player marking him. For the 3rd goal, this time it was Lalramluah who faulted and Kalu took possession of the ball from him in midfield and Odafe’s shot was brilliantly saved by Sangram but Kalu followed the ball and pushed it into empty net, the whole defence was a mere spectator, nobody was marking Kalu.
We are really disappointed with performance of team in last two matches, especially marking of defence during setpiece movement. In East Bengal match, Nabi scored 2 goals and in both cases he hardly got any resistance from any Mohun Bagan player when he headed the ball in.
We saw in earlier matches, team was fighting and in many matches we scored in late stage of the match.  All the players were running for 90 minutes but yesterday’s 2nd half performance was perhaps the worst of this year.  All of a sudden we’re moving out of the title race. 
We are not sure if a solution to this problem is to let Shilton find his place in the starting side and keep Sangram on the bench or bring Mohanraj in left back position with Deepak and Odafe in stopper – that’s for the coach to decide.
We believe Mohun Bagan still has the potential to perform well in remaining matches and who knows, may be if we can win 5 matches in a trot, we may have a outside chance to win I league also. Cheer up boys! 

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