Bagan had a no practice session today as they played the match yesterday. They had a swimming pool session today and all the players enjoyed a lot to keep them fresh. After derby win this team is changed a lot and they seem to have get back their confidence. Coach Karim is aware of that and that is why he already told that only one final has been played, still four finals to go to win the trophy. By this statement of the chief coach, the mental strength of a team can be understood easily. Meanwhile, experienced players like Denson Devdas and Kingshuk Debnath returned to Bagan camp after completing their office duty. Both the players did not play the last match against Mumbai FC as they returned back to Kolkata from Kerala to play for their office team Income Tax.

While asking about their next match against Shilong Lajong, Karim Bencharifa is very confident to get the success in the match and he also expressed his confidence about his team tham his defence will block well Trinidad’a player Glen of Lajong. As Odafa will play the Saturday’s match, so it has given more and more confidence to Karim and his team. This is very rare occassion in this season, when all the four foreginers will be in the first-XI for Bagan. If Bagan win Saturday’s match they will be well advanced to go to Semi-final. The match will start from 4.00pm.

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