IFA came up with a solution in Tolgey issue.IThe Players’ Status Committee canceled Tolgay’s assert that he did not take any advance money from Kingfisher East Bengal. IFA’s verdict is Tolgay is on the wrong side of the law and he cannot sign any contract with any other club without clearance from East Bengal as the they hold the player’s ‘token’. The Australian will have to pay his one month’s salary (according to his 2011-12 contract) — Rs 10,28,982.70 — to East Bengal. Plus, he will also have to pay Rs 5 lakh to the IFA, which will go to the association’s Players’ Benevolent Fund. Apart from that, the player will also have to tender an unconditional apology to East Bengal. If Tolgay agrees to the verdict, the IFA would then ‘request’ East Bengal to return the player’s token so that he can play for Bagan in the upcoming season.

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