Mohun Bagan today beat CCFC 6-0 in a practice match held in Mohun Bagan ground. Chibu scored 2 goals (both from penalty), Tapan Maity, Manish, Lalampuia, Kartick scored one goal each. Mohun Bagan could have scored at least 6 more goals but few easy chances were missed. Mohun Bagan will catch tomorrow’s flight for Jordan to play their AFC Cup match against Al Wihdat on May 5th.

Coach Karim gave chance to all the players in both half.

Two players who are in trial, Chibu and Manish both played one half each. Chibu has been recommended by Chima. Manish plays in Indian National, a team in New Delhi whose coach is Bernard and the latter has brought Manish for trial. After practice Bernard who was accompanied by his two sons today said, "I owe a lot to Mohun Bagan, I have played 3 years here and I got my first coaching experience in Mohun Bagan only. Accordingly to me, Manish did not play very well today, he has potential to play much better football." Manish said, "It is a great honor to get an opportunity for trial in Mohun Bagan. Bernard Sir brought me here."

In the practice match today, the first two goals came from penalty which were both taken by Chibu and he scored the goals comfortably via his left foot. Tapan Maity made the scoreline 3-0 before halftime. After half time, Manish scored the 4th goal from a Lalkamal through pass, the finish was good. Lalampuia increased the tally within 2 minutes. The best goal was the last one scored by Kartick, though he missed quite a few easy chances today. Kartick played a 1:1 with Jr. James and the latter’s shot was saved by goalkeeper, the rebound went to Kartick who from an acute angle took a shot that hit the top of the net. Meanwhile Mohun Bagan has recruited Subhojit Majumdar from TFA (Under-19) player who plays in side half, both right and left.


Regarding the two players in trial, coach said, "Mohun Bagan is a big team. The players have to be of very good standard. We are still looking for few players." About his next opponent, he commented, "Al Wihdat is an extremely experienced team. They have won almost all tournaments in Jordan over the last three years. We will be missing few key players but we will try our best and hope for a positive result." He also added, "Habibur’s father passed away yesterday night, this is a very unfortunate incident. He had been rejecting offer for playing outside Kolkata mainly due to his father." He is a little worried about the fatigue factor. "We have already had a long season and players are really tired. However, in Super Cup also we did overcome this factor and had a good match and won the tournament."

The team that is going to Jordan to play against Al Wihdat is: Bhaichung (captain), Shilton, Chirodeep, Mohanraj, Dipak, Manju, Vashan, Rino Anto, Ishfaq, Rakesh, Marcos, Tulunga, James Singh Sr., Branco, Lalramluah, Tapan Maity, Lalkamal, Rahul.

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