Mohun Bagan secured 3 points after winning against Dempo by 2-1. Bagan could have won this match by at least 6 goals but Odafa, Manish Maithani missed some easy chances while a Jacobs shot rebounded from the side bar. Dempo’s goal was from an offside position while the Assistant Referee himself was not on line. Dempo also got couple of chances to score but failed.

Mohun Bagan started the match with a positive note. Shilton was there under the bars with Aibor, Mehraj, Eche and Saha as the four defenders (Nirmal was not kept in the playing XI as he was not justifying his responsibilities in past few games) with Nabi, Maithani, Denson and Sabeeth in the midfield and Tolgay playing as withdrawal striker along with Odafa.


Dempo kicked off but soon Bagan started attacking from two flanks and in the 7th minute Sabeeth crossed the ball from left flank – the ball went past Tolgay and Nabi headed the ball into the goal.

for next 30 minutes Bagan wasted at least 4 opportunities to score – easiest was that of Maithani who dribbled past Dempo defense but shot the ball out of the open goal. Odafa missed two opportunities and twice Laxmikanth did well to stop him from scoring.

Dempo demanded for a penalty which was ignored by referee SreiKrishna who was very close to the ball and saw the ball hittin chest of Mehraj.

In the second half (47th min) Nabi showed his brilliance in passing a deadly ball through Dempo defense – Odafa got hold of the ball on the edge of the box and his power shot beat Laxmikant and Bagan was up 2-0.

2 mins later Dempo scored from an Anthony corss to Carvalho who headed the ball into the net in the far post. Anthony was clearly in offside position but the Assistant Referee himself was not in the right position to judge the same.

with Mehraj running out of breath, Karim made two quick changes introducing Nirmal and Jacobs together while Mehraj and tolgay were asked to take rest.

Eche did well along with Aibor who moved into the central defense and disallowed Dempo to score a second. Eche was limping and was finally replaced in the dying moments (though the referee booked him for being injured) by Fela.

Jacobs and Nabi could have increased the margin in the second half but were unlucky.


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