29th July, Mohun Bagan,as usual the day will be celebrated with emotion, respect and love for football. On that day in 1911 Mohun Bagan won the IFA Shield first ever by beating East Yorkshire Regiment. That victory against a British team brought great strength to the nation as per freedom fighting is concerned. So this is not only the victory of IFA Shield for the first time by a Indian team but it is related with fight for Independence against the British colonial rule also. This year the memorable victory step into 100th year and Mohun Bagan Athletic Club management decided to celebrate the great day over the year with various programme.

This the red letter day for Indian football as well as Indian history. There are various programmes today in the club tent.

The main gate is built like IFA Shield trophy and the main stage is built in the shape of the club’s logo “sailing boat”.


MB Gate                                                                              Immortal XI Glow Sign by SMS

There will be three exhibition matches will be held at Mohun Bagan ground from 1.30 pm. First match will be played between Mohun Bagan junior team versus Mona Guin Coachig centre. This year is the birth centenary of Ex-Mohun Bagan captain Mona Guin as well. So this match is also significant as well. After that the match between Ex players and later another match between Sports Journalists-XI and Artist Forum-XI will be played.

A “Special Cover” duly authorized by the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India, would be released by H.E. Mr. M.K. Narayanan, Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal and a music album of the movie “Eagaro”, the movie related with the great victory of IFA Shield on 1911 will be released as well.

After that Mohun Bagan Ratna will be conferred posthumously to the Team Members of 1911 (except captain Shibdas Bhaduri who has already been honoured with Mohun Bagan Ratna before). The nearest relatives of the players will be will take that award from the stage.

Road to victory: IFA Shield 1911

July 10: 1st round, Rangers ground, Mohun Bagan  3-0 St. Xaviers

                                                                  (Abhilash Ghosh, Bijoydas Bhaduri 2)

July 14: 2nd round, Customs ground, Mohun Bagan  2-1 Rangers

                                                                    (Shibdas Bhaduri 2)   

July 19: 3rd round, Dalhousie ground, Mohun Bagan  1-0 Rifle Brigade

                                                                      (Bijoydas Bhaduri)

July 24: Semi final, Dalhousie ground, Mohun Bagan  1-1 Middlesex Regiment

                                                                      (Jatindranath Roy)

July 25: Repeat semi final, Dalhousie ground, Mohun Bagan 3-0 Middlesex Regiment

                                                                         (Shibdas Bhaduri, Habul Sarkar, Jatindranath Roy)

July 29: Final, Mohun Bagan  2-1 East Yorkshire Regiment

                          (Shibdas Bhaduri, Abhilash Ghosh)


A Glow-sign board (picture above)  will be inagurated by Hon. Gen Secretary Mr. Anjan Mitra and executive comitee, presented by Sabuj Maroon Swapno (SMS). There will be the various cultural programme will held also at the main stage by the famous artists like Sraboni Sen, Lopamudra Mitra, Bangla Band 'Chandrabindoo'.

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