New appointed coach Sujit Chakraborty has joined to his new job in McDowell Mohun Bagan as the coach. He left ONGC due to national club duty as he said it was hard to avoid the call from club like Mohun Bagan. He told that all the coaches have their dream to serve Kolkata’s big club like Mohun Bagan.

Mohun Bagan T.D. Subhas Bhowmick called a after-noon practice on sunday where Sujit joined as coach and started his job. In the practice Bagan T.D. was busy with practice with defense players mainly while new coach was looking for other members of the team.

Chakraborty asked for a physical trainer for whole season as he admitted that in a marathon league there must be injury but there should be a physical trainer to avoid the injury circumstances and inured player to get fit fast. Finance Secretary Debasish Dutta agreed with him and he told from the next season there will be full timed physical trainer with the team.

After asking about the the weakness of the team Mohun Bagan, he told that defence is very weak of the team as it needs to improve to find some big-bodied defender for the team. About Diamondstar, he is not so optimist regarding his quality.

Barreto, Chidi, Muritala did not pratice with others today, Barreto and Chidi was in the side line while Muritala had a gym session. Muritala and Chidi both will go under MRI scan on Monday. Though Chidi admitted that he is getting fit gradually.

Due to late attendance in practice Goalkeeper coach Hemanta Dora was fined by T.D. Subhas Bhowmick Rs.1000/-.

Picture  Courtesy: Bartaman

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