Mohun Bagan will play against Mumbai FC tomorrow in their second match of 32nd AIFF Federation Cup. Barabati Stadium is the concern of the every team now because of its nature of not rolling the ball in due to water clogging. But Mohun Bagan coach Stanly Rozario has more thought in his mind, that is how to get a big win against Mumbai FC get advantage in the group.

The first-XI of yesterday’s game had a  swimming session at Cuttack Club under team manager and doctor and rest of the eam had their practice session in the local police ground under Coaches. In the swimming pool session there was a swimming competition between the players and Shilton Paul emerged as a winner in the competition. The competition was arranged by Jose Barreto for test of the fitness. Shilton proved once again that he is in good condition here in the swimming pool as well.

The whole team is now focused and they want to beat Mumbai FC by a healthy margin. Salgaokar will be played against Air India and their coach Kareem Bencherifa must be looking for a big win against Air India also to be in the better place in the group before meet Mohun Bagan on Sunday 26th. Mohun Bagan will play later tomorrow in the evening while Salgaokar vs Air India will be held at after-noon session. So before coming to the ground Mariners will fix their target of margin, However ,victory is must and now the goal difference is the key factor also as well because Salgaokar is already up ahead due to vitcory by 2-0 against Mumbai FC in the last match.

Edeh Chidi may not be in the first team due to his injury. It has been cured almost 90%. But Edeh Chidi himself expressed that he doesn’t want to play tomorrow’s match because of wet and heavy ground, it may harm more to the injury . He also told that match against Salgaokar is more important, so he wants to play from that match.

Stanly Rozario indicated today that the team may be played in 3-5-2 combination because Kingshuk Debnath, the right back will not be available for today’s match due to his red card, so Dhanrajan, Karan Atawaland Sagram Mandi will be the three central defender and in the midfield their may be inclusion of Jayanta Sen.  If Azim can play in the right back then it can be 4-4-2 as well. Everything depends upon situation of the game.

The match will start from 6.45pm (IST) at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. The live update will be available in this website from the start to end of the match.



Picture courtesy: ABP

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