After long 16 days Okolie Odafa started practice with the ball and he assured that he is ready for the show. But Coach Prasanta Banerjee told that Lima is uncertain in the derby. That is why the Mohun Bagan coaching staffs are trying to push natural right back Daniel Zeleni in the team as a central defender. Meanwhile in the 20th November the first ever derby will be played by Odafa Okolie. But Odafa told that everything depends up to the coaches. Beside that Barreto thinks that opponent’s Okpara, Morgan are the big factor in the 20th derby. But Odafa didn’t take any name particularly as the main or big factor.

Meanwhile, in the reply of Mohun Bagan’s email regarding AIFF Vice President Subrata Dutta’s controversial statement about the colour of derby match tickets AIFF delivered the statement that Subrata Dutta never commented like that.

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