Kashyap has been working hard on the team formation. Interestingly he is banking more on Eche – and as a result, in spite of having a weak midfield, is compromising either on Tolgay or on Stanley. mohunbaganclub.com recommends trusting Indian brigade for defense and taking consolidating the attacking third.

Eche has failed to save Bagan from conceding goals. Mr. Kashyap and the think tank must understand that a match is not won just by defending well – you need to score goals. We have lost two matches- one against Air India and the other against Shillong Lajong. Mr. Kashyap will agree that on both occasions we got plenty of opportunities to score but failed miserably.


A suggested formation can be that of a 5-3-2 (which at times become 3-5-2) to go against Prayag United. With no Bello Razaq, PRayag will go for an out and out attacking formation with Kayne Vincent, Carlos Hernández  and Ranti Martins in the playing XI. Deepak Mandal with have Gourmangi Singh next to him. Deepak at times go up for an attack and this can only be restricted if he has the task to stop Odafa, Tolgay and Stanley – as he would need to assist Gourmangi for the same. Mama’s moves can be stopped by Nabi, Masih or Mehraj’s experience would server Bagan to stop Lal from passing to the Prayag strikers in the final third.  Denson can not only cut short Hernández’ runs but also can operate from behind and supply the balls to Stanley. Both Jewel and Snehasish can provide that extra effort in supplying the balls to Tolgay and Odafa respectively.

Eche can be in the bench – and can be used tactically ( may be at the libero position in the second half) – and Maithani can be used in the central midfield if Stanley is taken out for Eche.

Kashyap must include Dipendu Biswas as his confidant – Dipendu’s huge experience can bolster Kashyap’s thoughts and decisions.

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