The club officials had a press conference today at the club tent. The officials present in the press conference included Justice Gitanath Ganguly, Srinjoy Bose (Hon. MP), Anjan Mitra ( CEO McDwell Mohun Bagan), Debasish Dutta (Finance Secretary – Mohun Bagan).

 In the Press Conference first Justice Ganguly explained the situation and mentioned why Mohun Bagan had to take the decision of not fielding its players. Anjan Mitra then took over the mic. 

Mitra said that though Bagan has full faith upon AIFF, Bagan will definitely lodge a complaint with AFC and FIFA if AIFF’s verdict does not satisfy them.

Srinjoy questioned the capacity of Sunando Dhar who made some inciting statements against mohun Bagan without knowing the ground reality.

Even the Commissioner of Police was found injured- and how come the CEO of AIFF mentioned that the situation was under control – exclaimed the officials.

Srinjoy mentioned that Bagan had the intention to play – thats why Bagan played for the remaining 2 mins post Nabi’s injury in the dying moments of the first half. However, since the situation was not in favour of football, Bagan decided not to field its players.

Dutta and Bose mentioned that the match organisers at no point assured that the situation was under control.

Inidentally has learnt that under Sunando Dhar’s leadership the AIFF has been undergoing a rough weather, with the following issues-

1. AIFF might get a saction for fielding Edmilson on an exhibition match on 8th December 2012

2. There is a court case going on against AIFF in Kerala for referee-ing issue

3. Dhar’s team had a poor relationship with IMG Reliance

4. Dhar and his team failed to pay Dempo the prize money for last year’s iLeague yet

5. Dhar failed to organise International friendly for India and Indian team suffered most from that

6. Dhar failed to get FIFA’s recognition on nehru Gold Cup

7. Dhar and his team failed to telecast many iLeague matches this year

8. Dhar and his team failed to attract sponsors

And most importantly – with election in AIFF around – Dhar and his team would face a tough battel against people who want to do good for Indian football in 10 days – and if they lose, they might have to answer lot of questions and transactions! With Mohun Bagan taking a lead in bringing most of the clubs under one umbrella definitely Dhar won’t be happy to see Mohun Bagan around! 




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