Mohun Bagan team had a two and a half hour practice session today morning under coach Kareem. Meanwhile, Under 12 team is leaving for Haridwar for residential camp tomorrow under coach Amiya Ghosh, they will then participate in a tournament in Delhi, thanks to Mr. Sukanta Das for arranging the camp. The team will fly for Paris to participate in the Yakult Danone Cup on September 2. Meanwhile, there will be a Special General Meeting held in club premises tomorrow for passing of audited accounts of 2006-07 and appointing auditors for auditing accounts of 2007-08 and fixing their remuneration.

Today in practice, there was match practice and even coach, assistant coach and goalkeeper coach participated in the match. Every player seemed to enjoy the practice. When asst coach Satyajit scored a brilliant goal, Manju was seen shouting "sign him, sign him", such was the mood in the practice. Kareem was also strict when required like when Chirodeep conceded a bad goal, Kareem yelled at him "Remember you are the goalkeeper of Mohun Bagan, you were not standing in the right position." Shilton was injured during the practice when he tried to save a shot from Satyajit and fractured his small finger of his left hand. Deepak is almost fit now and coach told that he might play Deepak in next match depending on situation and requirement of team. Kareem is happy that Mohun Bagan’s match has been postponed by few days as few players have minor injuries and will get time to heal. Barreto was seen in gym and he did not participate in the match, he is completely fit. When asked if he wants more time for practice before I league starts (it is scheduled to start in mid September), coach told that if he does not get any time after Kolkata league, he will not be unhappy as he is taking Kolkata league to prepare his team for I-league and he will have no complaints if he does not get time for camp before I league. He told that match practice is very much required and he is getting that here in this tournament.

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