After revoke the ban Bagan officials have met the press for the first time today at the club tent.Managing Director of McDowell Mohun Bagan and Hony. General Secretary of Mohun Bagan A.C. Mr. Anjan Kumar Mitra met the press along with Mr. Atin Ghosh, Honurable Member of the Executive Committee.

 Mr. Atin Ghosh was among them who stood firm against present officials (Gang of Four), therefore, he was eager to submit his resignation to the executive committee. But in the meeting Vice President Mr. Subrata Mukherjee (Hon’ble Minister of Govt. of West Bengal) as well asGita Nath Ganguly (renowned advocate) and other members took the initiative to stop him from submitting his resignation. Atin Ghosh also told that everybody of committee have agreed to run the club together with unity.

Anjan Mitra told that they saved at least 100 lives, they revoke the ban, they get Bagan into football again as well as the players, also they bring smile to the crores of Mohun Bagan supporters. He added that it is the best decision so far he has taken in his tenure within Mohun Bagan.

In the answer of a question regarding fine of Rs. 2 crores, he told that they are yet to receive any letter from AIFF. After receiving the letter they’ll decide how they disburse that money. There is a committee has been set up for this action. In this committee there are four top Bagan officials along with Subrata Mukherjee.

Some of the media person has asked to Mr. Mitra that the Secretary of Kingfisher East Bengal commented that there is a game of crores of money under the table between AIFF and Mohun Bagan. Mr. Mitra told that they are not in the position to remark on this type of comments from other club because that is against the culture of Mohun Bagan.

Meanwhile, Mohun Bagan will play their foremost match after rescind the ban against Salgaocar on 20th of this month at Goa.

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