There has been romours and gossips regarding Odafa’s relationship with some players and officials of other clubs. Odafa himself have denied and clearly mentioned to the fans that he, as captain of Mohun Bagan, will focus only on Mohun Bagan and he has no differences with any other player in the team. The Club president has also come up with a Press Release for the same.

30-Sep, 2012

Dear All,

For the past few days a purposeful/deliberate campaign is going on to demoralize/ malign our beloved Club during the season. Mainly it started from one news about our Captain, Odafa and Tolgay. I have personally spoken to our Captain, Odafa Okolie in person today to find out what is the matter and after talking to him I am confident that some vested interest wants to spread all sorts of rumour about our Coach/ players. He said that the only Team on his mind till the end of the season is MOHUN BAGAN. He has also said that the whole Team is United and the entire Team will give its best in the I League.

I have also had talks with the General Secretary, Mr. Anjan Kumar Mitra; Asst. General Secretary, Mr. Srinjoy Bose and Finance Secretary, Mr. Debashis Dutta and they have confirmed and I have understood that there is no division in the Team and the Team is fully focused on the I League.

I reiterate again that this is a heinous campaign and I am assuring all our members and supporters that our Captain, Odafa Okolie is going to continue. 

I would also take this oppurtunity to ask the Members, supporters and fans of our Club to cheer up, have patience and be optimistic and also root for the Team for the rest of the season, as always. I am sure that the Team will exhibit strenght, team-work and character and justify the faith imposed by all of us. JAI MOHUN BAGAN!


Swapan Sadhan Bose (Tutu)

President, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club

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